CS 777-300ER Flight Plan Problem

I know that Captain Sims aircraft is bad but MSFS 2020 really just have 2 aircraft (A330-300 and the 747) that I can use for long haul flight.

CS 777-300ER Flight Plan Problem

Summary: I make a flight plan on the world map screen, load into the game and the fmc doesn’t have any waypoints.

Legs and RTE data pages are empty. If I press “send request” on the RTE Data page “LOAD”, the RTE page is correctly filled out but the waypoints shown to me are not the same that I’ve chosen on the World Screen Map. The Autopilot also doesn’t want to follow those waypoints. I believe that this can’t be caused by an incompatible mods because nobody else besides me seems to have this problem.

I have the newest 777.300ER version with a Flight Model Fix mod, latest Salty Dev mod, All CS Aircraft File combability mod, the CS777 upper eicas mod. I have all of Captain Sim’s aircraft and all of them have this problem

The Salty mod uses Simbreif. It wont load from the in-sim flight planner as I understand it. You need to create a free simbreif account and then create your plan there, once you have generated an OFP in simbreif, go into the salty mod add your Simbreif ID/Username and it will load the plan.

If you are not aware of simbreif now is the time to learn about it, Many add-ons will be using it.

Here is a video that might help


Thanks for your reply. I tried configuring the FMC for a 9 hour flight and I had no problems thanks to that tutorial. Really wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.

Sorry to resurrect this topic. Once you’ve put your username in the Simbrief field in the Salty Mod, how do you actually import the flight plan? I can’t figure that one out?


Just bringing this back up because I still can’t get a Simbrief flight plan to load in the CS 777. I make a flight in Simbrief and make it active. in MSFS I go into the FMC Salty page and there I put in my Simbrief username. But nothing happens. No plan loaded.

Does Simbrief/Navagraph have to be connected somehow? Do I need to have a flight plan file loaded into a relevant folder somewhere? Or does the Salty mod pull it directly from the internet? Do I need to have SIDS and STARS loaded before Simbrief will fill in the plan?

I’m pretty confused, as you can see. :grin:

Have you worked this out yet?

Having same problem