CS 777-300er not working properly after update

Yesterday I saw an update for the CS 777-300er and decided to update it and the update was a minute long, after the update I decided to check out the aircraft and when I was getting the aircraft ready for a test flight at Toronto Intl airport YYZ, I wanted to increase the PFD panle flood light but it didn’t work. After I restarted my flight and the same thing happened. Is this a bug and how can I fix it?

There’s a topic regarding your issue on the CS support forum:


Do you have any other solution that can help me? Because no one on that website is answering my question.

I’ve had issues in the past with CS updates and I’ve reverted back to the previous version.

Try hitting the “L” key or whatever key you have bound to turn on all lights. Then turn off/down the lights you don’t want. Once you do this all lights typically behave as normal for me.

Hope it works for you.

I play on xbox with a controller and I can’t use keyboard.

Can I do that on xbox without a pc?

If you have a USB keyboard it should work with your Xbox :slight_smile:

I don’t think so, sorry.

I’ll try it with a keyboard…

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I just have to go in the 777 cockpit in game and press L on the keyboard right? And after I’m done, can I take out the keyboard from my xbox?

I don’t use MSFS on Xbox, sorry!

You should be OK with unplugging it afterwards, just bare in mind that if you need to do another flight or restart your flight for whatever reason, you might need to restart MSFS to get it to recognise the keyboard again after plugging it back in.

@TougherVeil5197 said that was all you needed to do :slight_smile:

Ok, I cheacked if I have a USB keyboard but I don’t, can I use any other sort of keyboard? Because I only have wireless keyboards and keyboards without usb’s.

I’m not sure, sorry. I’ve only ever used USB keyboards with my Xbox.

You might be able to connect bluetooth or wireless ones but I don’t know anything about how to do it.

Ok, I’ll try that.

Is there another way that I can make the plane work properly again?

I don’t have any other ideas, sorry

No problem. Thanks anyways.