CS 777 not accessing nav data

Hi everyone,

it’s not my favourite plane, but I thought I’d give the CS 777-300ER a spin. It’s been a while, so I installed the update. I’d previously included the Salty 747 and 777 mods. I don’t remember having had any issues, but now I do.
After updating to the latest version 1.32 and removing and adding all the mods, the a/c was never able to access the nav database, although it correctly identified the current AIRAC. But any ICAO code was ‘not in database’ and neither were the legs of the flightplan that it did find regardless. I could tell this by the flight number that had been correctly introduced to the system.
EXT PWR, APU, ADIRS… all look fine on the overhead panel. What am I missing?
Thanks for any help

As a sanity check, have you tried entering the same flight plan into another plane?

I figured it out, I think - and then again not. I still had the old ‘z_salty_dev_compatibility’ in the community folder. I then added the WLRS mod, which I then found out stopped being supported, so I can’t move the sun shades, turn on ADIRU and see no digits in the radios. However, it did allow me to load the simbrief flight plan. At least that.

Would you mind telling me what kind of setup I need to currently fly the CS 777 properly? I installed the MAR 2023 update and the salty 747-i thourgh the FBW installer. What next?

Do I require new repaints as well?