CS MD500E unable to start Cold&Dark

Hi guys,
taking advantage of the discount campaign for the “best rated” products, I got the MD500E and I like it !!! It flies pretty good

This said, if I want to start from Cold&Dark, despite I follow the prescribed steps, when I move the throttle to the “IDLE” position the N1 goes back to zero instead of gaining up …The helicopter works fine if I use the “Ctrl+E” automatic start, but I want to start it manually …so, even if I do what is shown in the short tutorial I am not able to start the engine.
This is the clip I am referring to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFKrJ_LipHI

What else or different can I do ?
Thanks, Ciao

Did you turn ignition on? There´s a small key in front panel for that.


I can’t answer your question as I don’t care about systems or cold and dark. But I did see the sale and am curious how it flies, looks and sounds. Visually looks nice. How does this “E” version differ from the more military and police 500D version? As the later I’m hoping to simulate. Are there any liveries for such or just general aviation ?


Yes I did :slight_smile:

In the end I did manage to start the engine …
In order to do so, once switching to OFF position the fuel pump (after five seconds or so), I did click once again the ignition key …This second click is not shown in the official video I posted, nevertheless, by doing so the engine starts …
I have started it several times and it worked fine. Strange but true …

I cannot answer your question about what is the difference between the “E” version and the “D” or military one.

I have only used this helicopter for one hour, maybe a bit more, so all I can say is my very first impression, which is absolutely positive. This is the second helicopter I got from Cowan Simulation, before this I did purchase the H125.
I am pleased and OK with both of them, so if you like helicopters, or just want to try one other than the default ones (Guimbal Cabri and Bell 407), I think this ia a good choice, especially now that is on sale with a significant discount.
Have a nice day

Ok thanks for the insight

You are welcome :slight_smile: