CSL Updater

A inbuild updater for Liverys that search for the most usual Liverys for Airliner and GA Aircrafts and the newest and most popular Aircraft skins createted by the forum automatically. The accurate Livery would be shown then for every user equal on every airport and in the sky’s.

For example,
Actually someone spawn with a Lufthansa Livery next to me on the Airport. I need the Lufthansa Livery too to make the right Livery of the other user next to me visible. But the most of us don’t have every Skin on stock in the Community folder.

In my opinion it’s necessary on Multiplayer that every user have the same Livery package on stock that shows the accurate Livery of al users.

And hey… It’s just nice and more realism to see all the nice Liverys around the world flying or landing on Multiplayer and not just a white or manufacturer Body :blush:

Greetings Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Germany Facebook Group :wave:t3:

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