CTD after deleting and re-installing working title folders

Hi, I deleted the working title aircraft out of my official folder which prompted the update page and re-installed the files - however now I just get CTD when loading!

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks

Did you delete those folders from within My Content in the sim?

I didn’t >.< I didn’t realise it would cause such an issue! But now I cannot get the game to launch and I really do not want to re-install the whole thing!

Yeah, that’s definitely not the way to go about it.

The only thing I can advise you to do is, with the sim not running, make sure the folders you removed really have been removed. Right to the top of the “OneStore” folder. No half empty folders, in other words.

The sim should detect missing folders, and prompt you to download them as the sim launches. I’ve done this a few times for “fs-base” for example. Planes might be a bit different in that the sim would launch, but you would have the option to download them again from “My Content”. The only differences here I think would be ones that are required, like the Cessna 152, and I think the TBM 930. These will get re-installed before the sim gets to the main menu.

So it is prompting me to download them again, which it does - however once it’s on the loading splash screen, it will CTD within 10 seconds. Data is obviously missing somewhere, but wouldn’t know where to start?

Did you confirm that the newly downloaded folders look right? One level down you should see the layout, and manifest JSON files, for example, then a host of sub-folders.