CTD after flying for some time (possible SOLUTION)


just wanted to share my findings regarding CTD after some time of flying.

I tested this intensively over the last few days.

Set your sound device (in the sound settings) to a specific device.
DO NOT USE system default. Set a specific device in both options.

I tried this in the last 10 flights. Everytime I had this to system default, my
flight crashed after 20 minutes, sometimes after 2 hours, without any notification.

I did the same flights with all the same parameters, just choosen a specific device,
and voila no CTD. I did finish all my flights without a problem.

I don´t know how this is even possible, but yeah, maybe for some people it´s helpful.

Thanks for that, I’ve copied that in case it happens again.

Thanks, I’ll try it and see if it works