CTD after hibernate or sleep mode

Since the update which fixed the " Press any keys to continue" issue, I have experienced CTD after hibernate or sleep mode for the last couple of months Did anyone have the same issue?

Wait, you’re letting your system go to sleep while the sim is running?
I would completely expect the sim to crash if the system went to sleep (basically components get shut down -> sim can’t run).

If you want to leave long flights running while you sleep, disable sleep/hibernate.


The function was working as it supposed to do before the update just like other apps and saved me a lot of time to reload the game every time. You can pick it up from where you left off and it’s very nice to have. I suspect it might have something to do with network or peripheral reconnection and MSFS reauthentication after the sleep or hibernate.

I’ve had many applications crash after exiting hibernation including MSFS. And since MSFS is notoriously sensitive to any kinds of sudden interruptions, I also would advise against using hibernation mode. If it worked before you were lucky I guess.

try this with another game…

PS.: the quality of reported issue becomes slowly strange…

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Well, I did not try other games this way other than the apps. This feature was also working on the previous MSF X version. As I have said it was working before the update so it is possible and nice to have and may not be very difficult to fix by the development team. The issues may also provide another angle to trouble shoot the stability issues of the game.

It is so annoying, as we can not continue flights by loading saved *.FLT files, the Sim crashes as well after waking up PC from hybernate or sleep mode. So right now it is not possible in no way to save and continue a flight some time later, allways CTDs. Anyone with same issue?

Is the controller’s USB port going to sleep?
If sleep mode on your computer puts the USB port of the controller to sleep, it will crash the sim.

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Why not just let it run the whole way if you’re on long haul flights? If you’re on short haul flights, might as well fly all the way.

I imagine you would also encounter issues with world time, and possibly real weather/flights/other aircraft as well. Your flight would say one time, and the world would be in another time. It is hard for me to imagine why you would want to allow your PC to sleep or hibernate mid-flight.

You may be better off pausing the game, (PAUSE/BREAK key, not ESC) then allowing the PC to sleep, as I suspect using the ESC key does not stop the aircraft from moving. The game might still crash due to the timing problems and losing sync with real world weather, other aircraft and live flights (if you have those enabled).

You can always use the “jump to” in the menu to jump to descent, landing or approach if you know you are going to have to step away. I have had to do this several times when I was unexpectedly called into RL (real-life) . I always save the flightplan, so I can just quit the game, then restart the flight from the flightplan, and jump to descent, approach or landing to finish a flight off later. I also have to set world time back to match when I left off, but the weather has changed and when you start in a storm and suddenly there are no clouds, it is a little annoying!

@TheSevenflyer Yes. I think it might have something to do with the USB connection issue. I have been having “press any key to continue” issue since I had the game when it was released. I had to unplug my mouse and re-plug it in to continue with the game. Sleep and hibernate mode allowed me to bypass the problem once I am in the game. Right after the problem was fixed with the new release, I no longer could use the sleep and bypass mode anymore.

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Let us know how you make out!