CTD After WU4 - Clear your community folders!

So I just loaded WU4 and it seems I’ve identified RealSim Gear and YourControls plugins to be causes of crashes. Im loading my other addons back in little by little to see if any others are causing crashes. Hope this helps someone.

So far TBM930, CJ4 and the G1000 and G3000 seem to work.


Maybe I shouldn’t get too excited just yet…I haven’t gotten that far lol.

im going to uninstall this rubbish

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i cant update it keeps getting stuck around 6gb

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mobiflight and SPAD.neXt also cause CTDs or just about anything using a WASM module.

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i dont know what it means mobiflight… WASM…what is this words

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I even tried to create and compile an empty WASM with the current SDK. Also crahes. I don’t know, what to do…

Even the sample module that comes with the dev kit does this.

… and I was in the middle of a development … :face_vomiting:

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This is a known problem:

EVERY Stand-Alone WASM module ( with “Stand-Alone” meaning a WASM module that starts with the simulator, not an airplane Gauge ) WILL crash the sim on start.

Asobo is aware of this, but it couldn’t be fixed in time for release, we hope for a quick hotfix.

In the meantime, DO NOT scratch the whole Community folder and, instead, do this:

  • Browse the Community folder with a normal Windows Explorer view.

  • In the “Search” field on the right, type the following:


  • Press Enter and wait for the search to complete. This will find all packages that have a “modules” folder, which is the location for stand-alone WASM modules.
  • Open each “modules” folder you found, and REMOVE any files with a .WASM extension there.

This will fix the CTD.

Of course, products that required that module won’t work anymore, but at least the sim will start.


So far, I have not had any CTD’s since the first update, however, I have never added any Addons or made any manual changes to the MSFS.

Same for me. Absolutely ridiculous

3 crashes during install ( not sure its installed right now) Garmin mods by working title don’t work which is ironic as Microsoft have made them a partner

g1000 and g3000 do not work, well the map part doesnt work

Ugg, Is there really a product manager there who saw that bug and thought it was OK to release with it?

I can take the point that there’s no obligation to support all community plugins, but to choose to push out a mandatory release that breaks the product for anyone running things like RealSimGear seems to me to be a terrible decision. Was hitting the release date really that important?

Guess I’ll go and brush off X-plane till it’s fixed.

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WT Team confirmed on their Discord they are aware of a problem with their stable releases and and will be patching. Recommend joining their Garmin Channel for more details and up to date info.

Like I do with Windows 10 updates, I will hold off a week until they fix the fix and play Xp11 as a backup.

I have emptied my community folder (ie. removed ALL links via FS Addons Linker) and removed everything from EXE.XML (that would be FSUIPC.DLL and LogiMicrosoftFlightSimulator.exe).

Still CTD upon MSFS startup after upgrade to This is so frustrating… And there is no question if I actually WANT to upgrade…

I wonder if there are other folders or files that would contain modules or list of modules that no longer are compatible?

Please read my post #11

Maybe I miss your point but afaik that is only for addons in the Community folder? I have removed all links in my Community folder (in “MSFS Addons Linker”) so there should be no active addons there?