When loading into BIIS for the landing challenge or just loading a flight with that airport as the starting point the game will CTD during loading. Also if I try to fly to BIIS at a certain point when I get close enough to the airport the game will just CTD no error message or anything. Is anyone else having this issue?

I have no issues with anywhere else.

System specs
RTX 2080 Super
Core i9 10850k
32gb ram
1tb SSD
Windows 10
Not overclocked

Delete 3rd party airports and addons from official folder
Update REX Real Global Airport Textures and/or Zinertek Enhanced Airport Graphic


I landed and took off there today with no issues. I don’t have much scenery added though. Just Orbx Iceland mesh and REX runway improvement.

I have the same problems and it is very odd. Any attempt to fly in or out of BIIs creates a CTD with no errors. I do not have the Rex product (the only REX on my computer are those who are used for FSX) or the Zinertek.

The problem seems to be in the BIIS area. I can fly from any airport up to a 50 NM radius from BIIS but as soon as I get near it I get a CTD.

I had ORBX Iceland mesh installed, removed it but the problem still continues…

Any ideas ???

Update : Just emptied my community folder. No luck. if any, the Sim looks like its crashing even faster :hot_face: :hot_face:

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I have the exact same problems.
I emptied the community folder but it didn’t work.
Even if the quality of the graphic is minimized, it does not change.

The last thing I haven’t tried is reinstalling MSFS, but I don’t want to do this.

Any ideas ?