CTD - Combination FBW320NX mod and FSUIPC7 app?

In order to research the CTD that occurs with me, I would like to ask who is using the MSFS with the FBW320NX and the FSUIPC app.
With this combination, the CTD occurs after about 1 hour of flight time. The developers each say their program alone is not buggy. My tests speak for it because both the utility and the FBW320NX without FSUIPC and vice versa do not cause a CTD. Since the error is very similar to a memory leak, I would like to know who is suffering.

Greetings from CGN

Hi Jens

Thanks for the heads up

I haven’t made the connection that you have - but have had similar issues. Just uninstalled FSUIPC, will see what happens and report back. Was just in the process of checking FBW with the latest stable release and had one CTD in three flights.

I use both and have no problems at all

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