CTD during every aircraft resync

I understand.

I’m amazed that Asobo staff themselves didn’t know 1 year later after game release that resync could be used to hot resync files with empty project … really … if I had to restart the sim every time I changed a value in the aerodynamics I would have died of old age or boredom…


Yes a ‘bit’ suprised here too about that :smile:

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Well I uninstalled the SDK 14, and reinstalled the SDK 13 that I kept. Whatever is different, allows me to build.

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I think I didn’t make myself clear.
When you have installed your MSFS without having an SDK, the DEV MOD is available and you can do a build on a Project tree that you have written.
What I mean is that the compiler is built into the simulator and the SDK’s fspackagetools is just a wrapper calling flightsimulator.exe in a non-graphical mode to compile the desired element. You can see this using the Task manager during a manual build with fspackagetool.exe : the binary flightsimulator.exe is launched in a silent mode.
If I’m not mistaken, installing 14.0, 14.1 or 13 only affects the examples, the schematics (json files creation) and the export plugin for 3DS but not the build step.

Didn’t work for you in the end?

Nothing… :frowning:

Bah, they’ve really messed up this time… Not sure what else I’ve done differently.

see you guys in 2 months

Can anyone spell out a sequence of button presses that does resync an aircraft’s file without a CTD?

The only function I need from the Project Editor windows/menus is to be able to resync an aircraft to see the effect of a change (e.g. changing the pilot view position in cameras.cfg, or more significantly programming in the model/myaircraft.xml)

Everything I try to get an Aircraft Editor / Resync now just results in a CTD - previously I would just create a new project called “foox”, cancel whatever window comes up next, and the SDK “Tools” menu would allow “Aircraft Editor” to be opened so I could click the “File” “Resync” menu option. Even that seemed a pita just to do a resync but it worked. Now I can’t get anything to work, including filling in all the guff in the windows that come up after the initial “Create a project” window.

Sorry for question. Zendesk bug report filled? I have same issue, and nothing help

It’s been filed on the SDK forum. They are aware and have a fix for the next update… Whenever that happens.

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I have not tested the hotfix yet. Is CTD due resync fixed?

Yes, it appears that it has been fixed in

I just did a quick test, created a d u m m y project and opened the aircraft editor, edited my flight_model.cfg and clicked on resync and didn’t get a CTD and the changes I made were updated.

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Thank you so much!!!

Welcome to msfs!!

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After the last Hotfix its really fixed and it seems that is also more stable than before. Even tho sometimes there are still CTD’s when u change something on engines…or when u change the engine type.

But thats all i noticed for now.

Thanks Asobo

I still have consistent CTD on resync after updating the lights section in the aircraft editor. Setting panel lights this way is not possible.

When you use „Build All“ Option under Project Editor you will notice less CTD and he will resync.

Make sure that you clicked „Save“ in Aircraft Editor before build all then he will as well save light options

this bug has returned for me.
around 30% of the time it crashes everytime.

pausing the game, then resyncing reduces the chance of it crashing

I remember I got a lot of CTD from resyncing my plane, after SU6 I am sure it has stopped ctd for me