CTD file during approach when using reply tool (with anomalous paging)

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Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

Yes, just to enable replay mode

Have you disabled/removed all your mods and addons?

I was using the PMDG 737-600

Brief description of the issue:

During the flight LIBP-LIML, I had a CTD during the final part of the approach. Recording the dimensions of the paging file, it was possible to see a jump from a constant dimension of 32 GB to 46 GB in the exact moment of the crash. The popup of the error said>

Popup dell’applicazione: FlightSimulator.exe - Errore di applicazione : Si è verificato l’errore di exception unknown software exception (0x80000003) nell’applicazione alla posizione 0x00007FF9FCC690F2.

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Create a file plan (I used Simbrief) and import it in the main menu. Start the flight. Fly unitl the crash in the final phase of the approach.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

5950X - RX 3080 - 32 GB RAM 3800 MHz - nvme 4.0 1 TB (where the sim is installed) - paging file enabled only on that same SSD, dimensions of the file determined automatically by the system

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no events with code 1001, in the application section. In the system section, there is an event that coincides to the crash with code 26.

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Does this very high usage of memory also occur without enabled replay mode ?

Have you other mods installed / applications running ?

Is the issue repeatable ?

Can you open Resource-Monitor while it happens and check memory values ( in special Working- and Commited set ) ?

  1. no, it seems everything works fine without replay active (them it should not be a problem of dev mode itself)

  2. no, just the PMDG 736 (then, very common system stuff runs in the background).

  3. yes, and it seems connected to any kind of record (internal replay tool, nvidia shadowplay and any combination of them). the crash happens always during the final part of the approach. if recording of this kind isn’t active, the flight proceeds without crashes.

  4. see the attached screenshots

Screenshot (147)

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thats important info and may be issue focused then on replay mode . The Dev-Mod I not suspected, it is only necessary to enable the replay ( hopefull that will be changed some when ).

I not assume shadowplay cause that. But we should see in Resource-Manager the usage ( if ordered by size :slight_smile: ). On other side… if you report no crahs without video-recording… hmmmm :thinking:

can you also made these screenshot of Resource-Manager while MSFS is running and Sort the colums by “commited” ( Flight…sim.exe should then in first row ). Best in situation before you expect a crash.

Ok I’ll try to add more info in the next days. Consider that now I’m back to work, and therefore I’ve far less time to test. I may take some days…

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I have same tomorrow :grimacing:

Yes, it is a strange behavior. Once in the past I was able to record my flights with OBS without any problem. Now, even if the sim is running full screen and OBS is set to capture every full screen application, somehow OBS doesn’t receive the video signal form the sim. Therefore I thought that Shadowplay may have been a good compromise to record, but it crashes as described. Then I thought that I could have recorded the flight with the replay tool, and then record with Shadowplay the takeoff and landing after the end of the flight, but again the sim crashes during landing.

It seems that any kind of recording is causing crashes of the sim, I don’t know if these are separate bugs or if they can be related to the same “source”.

about OBS I’am not sure… I use usually shadowplay with no issues at all ( OBS if I need more flexibility with audio, etc. ) . My favorite cause is still more the replay function.

And we need to distinct beetween:

  • the game internal replay function
  • shadowplay as video record tool

Just completed the same benchmark flight I’m doing these days (LIBP-LIML). This time I haven’t used the internal replay tool, I enabled Shadowplay to capture the flight and I also managed to use OBS to record the resource monitor along the entire session to see if something strange happens.

This time I have been able to land and park the plane. Assuming that in the next days I will not have crashes if I fly with today’s setup, I guess that the issue is related to the internal replay tool. It is even useless to share the video of the resource monitor, since the usage curves were completely flat across the flight.

yep… thats what I had in mind too… may be you can also change the topic heading so that it reflect that :slight_smile: