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CTD at start or mid-flight in USA only, have done three flights in Italy with 0 CTD
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Try to fly in USA
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2060 Super ryzen 7 2700 32gb ram
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good to read that your former reported issue topic is fixed now : CTD every time on logo screen please help - #6 by MichaMMA

In case of a new CTD there is now the same as requested within the former topic: Please show us the error message from “windows event log”.

And of course we expect that you tested with empty community folder.

EDIT: and please let us know whether this issue was caused by your newest CTD topic about thirdparty mod “simple traffic”:

Believe Simple Traffic is causing serious CTD every flight.

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Hello ,

Im used to fly in Europe but yesterday in Philadelphie 2 Ctd. Third time was ok until KJFK.

i dont know why.

Any addon’s in your community folder?
If so remove them and try.
If you have rolling cache enabled, delete it and try.

In my case I think its HAGS ON on last nvidia drivers causing this .

That certainly can do it.
I’ve seen a couple posts in here stating that since the 511.23 were released.

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