CTD in VR when clicking switches on TBM top panel

I’ve suffered from random CTDs due to AI live traffic along with many others and currently fly without any traffic. I have one remaining CTD issue when clicking switches on TBM upper panel, main panel switches don’t cause the problem. Seems to be random. Can be at the start of a flight or midway through. Mainly occurs on lights, but perhaps they get more use. Today I’ve had it on the generator and start switch. Happens frequently to the point where I’m now starting with engines running on the runway and avoid using the top switches. No mods installed and only seems to happen in VR. Anyone else noticing this?

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Same here and I believe it also happens on the A320

Are u in windowed mode?

I had some CTD in VR mode with the A320.

Turned out that when playing VR in windowed mode. There are actually 2 mouse pointers, one VR mouse pointer and the other the “desktop” mouse pointer.

They are slightly offset.

And I noticed when working on the overhead panel. There is a change that the second pointer is over the window close X.

When u then make a left click, application closes

I didn’t experience CTD while clicking in fullscreen mode.


This happens also when you pass the max of your system.

Thank you, yes I was using a very small window on my 4K monitor, seems to have fixed the problem. Kicking myself for not checking the event log but got so used to CTD with having AI traffic on never considered a simple window close issue!

Yeah, I thought I was getting CTDs as well, but I think nearly all of them were actually just me clicking on the close button accidentally. I just make sure to Alt-Enter so the game is fullscreen on my monitor before going into VR.

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