CTD issues with VR headsets

Hi, this is my first forum post, so hello to everyone, and thanks for coming in.

I recently tried my Quest 2 on MSFS and was so hooked that I also purchased an HP Reverb G2. I have CTD issue with both of them, Quest 2 experiences less, I could usually finish a flight if I don’t get out and get into VR mode too much, but G2 is another store, usually about 30 mins into the flight, I get CTD. I’ve tried turning off power saving for all my USB root hubs, nothing changed.

Now the only way I could finish a long haul is to just use VR on take-off and landing. But I really like to use the VR all the way for bush trips, and flying around places like NYC and London on my Spitfire.

Any suggestions and tips would be very much appreciated.


Oh, there were 2 kinds of CTD, one is AMD driver crashes, which I get a report an issue window afterwards, this one is random. However, VR crash usually happens if I turn my head to side way, or to rear to look around or check my flap… etc.

Check the VR forums for this problem, everyone who has a G2 headset and a Radeon graphics card has CTDs and there is not much that will fix it. One chap suggests using an older driver and steam VR instead of WMR plus some other tricks. Personally I gave up with VR on this sim, as either Radeon’s awful drivers or MSFS is broken for VR with the G2 and I can’t be bothered anymore.


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Thanks for the reply. I’ll check those posts out. I suspect that if I set my graphic power to power save mode, I could prevent AMD driver crashing. One funny thing is that, most of the Q2 crash were recoverable, just the VR view crashed, and I could usually get back if I restart Oculus link app. But with Reverb G2, it just CTD, sometimes even a complete reboot is required if I wanted to get back to VR.

It’s unpredictable and disappointing. I’ve sent in dozens of crash reports to AMD, but nada.
Then again I did fire up the G2 headset for a Spitfire flight a few days ago and it worked fine for nearly an hour, no crashes. Other times it crashes within minutes.

AMD gpu user here. With my Valve Index I have noticed that I get far fewer crashes after changing the frequency of my headset from 120 hz to 90 hz in SteamVR settings.
Maybe lowering the frequency might also help with the G2 ?

I noticed most of the crashes were when I look over to the side, especially if I looked at area around the flap directly, as soon as I turned, MSFS crashes.

After reading some more on the topic, I removed all AMD software from my computer except the driver. I’ve been flying all night without a single CTD during flight, and I was flying a Spitfire through buildings and practicing taking off and landing on that beast all night long. The only CTD I had was when going the menu after flight.

Hope this helps someone.

I’ve also discovered another cause of CTD when I use VR. It’s the runway enhancement sold in the marketplace. I noticed MSFS would go black screen somewhere about a mile to 2 away from airport after I took off but usually can recover after a few seconds. However as I approach an airport, MSFS would CTD as soon as I am about 1NM away, I am guessing that’s when the runway details are being loaded.

Obviously I got rid of this kind of CTD after I removed the addon.

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