CTD on final approach

Hey there MSFS enthusiasts,
since this week I’m getting strange ctd’s while the final approach right before landing. The sim starts stuttering for a second and then just crashes. I don’t really understand why as it’s running buttery smooth the whole flight.

Anybody experiencing the same problems?

PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant:

Intel i7 12700K 12th Gen
RTX 3080
32 GB DDR5
Sim running on 1TB Nvme SSD

I had the same problem 3 flights in row yesterday. Now FS simply refuses to even load a flight.
I predict something is wrong at Asobo’s side.

Yesterday and earlier today there were server issues.

They were brought back on line just a couple hours ago.

If the problem is persisting, and happens in the same spot , try emptying your rolling cache.

Oh so that is what was happening!

Thank you very much for information :slight_smile: - I’ve just landed sucessfully in Bandar-e-Abbas (flying from Abu Dabi) and I didn’t have any problems. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

To make sure that issue is not on your side try this first:

  1. Check your Community Folder: Delete everything and try every mod until you find your problem

  2. Check Asobos compatibility list for addons: Maybe you have an addon wich is causing the CTD.

  3. Are you unsing the Experimental FBW A32NX build? If yes, switch to the stable or development build because many players have CTD with it

custom FBW a32nx build?
There is a stable, development en back since a couple of days, experimental version.

Yes I meant the experimental

For addons I only have Aerosoft Simple Traffic and FBW A32NX Stable

Check your livery mods for the A32NX. They may cause some issues!

I believe you may have the “live weather bug” which is affecting a lot of folks.
Stutters, than CTD.
Try with a preset weather and see if it still happens.
Ensure you have the latest stable version of the FBW A320.

It’s just possible this is related to a Nvidia driver issue.

You may want to try turning off the HAGs switch in Windows and then back down the sim graphics one notch.

It worked for me. No more graphics or CTD issues.

I’ve managed to land in Gibraltar tonight without any problem. So it seems that at least in my case it was Asobo’s server issues :slight_smile:

I had two CTDs on final into CYUL ILS 24R in the CRJ900 this week. Going to try again tonight to see if I can replicate.

I was having regular CTDs on longer flights. Turning off rolling cache fixed it for me.

Try it with live weather off, using a preset weather.
A lot of posts here on this CTD lately and live weather seems to be the culprit

Yes, in a dreamliner every flight until I switched off live weather and deleted and disabled running cache. After that it’s not nearly good enough but 4 crashes a day in stead of 4 every hour? I’ll take it.

SAME. Have been experiencing CTD every time I fly on approach. It’s driving me crazy.


Me too buddy today. Its because they are tempering with the servers, 1815 - 1915 Washington time.

Right pain. They keep tweaking stuff and it’s causing all sorts of issues.

The Boeing 787 has issues now not powering up engine on and off in flight and clicking the Gen buttons constantly.

Right chew on.

In having issues with the dreamliner. Engine 1, on and off after FL30. And the AP, At is absolutely shambolic

Happens with stock or paid for airplanes. Happens on RNAV, ILS and even visual approaches. It usually occurs at some time after your last descent instructions but before you see the runway. More often after longer flights. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!