CTD On Loading All Flights in SU13 Beta

That would be a dramatic mistake.
First of all, this affects marketplace customers, which means MS customers. And the update shoots down their sim. If only the individual airport/scenery did not work, they definitely would not care (which is okay).
And lastly: They alway say, when an update is released, that you have to empty the community folder. How funny would it be, if they would have to say to remove all marketplace addons from the official folder.
No, they either resolve this mess or there will be un unprecedented wave of anger from marketplace customers when the update goes live. That would bring down marketplace sales and even hurt MSFS 2024.

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I think the MSFS Content (mod) Manager needs a big improvement too. It’s not easy at all to find, select and sort your current mods. And changes usually require a restart of the sim which makes everything really time consuming. It should be possible to enable / disable (and update) every mod (including Community Folder) in the sim without having to restart.
I think (and hope) that is something MS2024 will bring with the new architecture.

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I’ve gone through the, initially, tedious task of color-coding my add-ons folders by type. (wow, how badly has MS gotten the steps to do this wrong as compared to Apple?!)

Then, whenever an update to any of them is released, I have to sort by date and re-colorize the updated ones as needed.

I leave all the base, WUs, CUs, etc. folders the default yellow to easily know that they need to be left alone.

Screenshot 2023-08-31 131605

That’s your community folder I assume? Or just use the useful add-on manager programs out there…

Checking updates… through flightsim.to manager, pmdg manager, orbx manager, Flybywire installer etc etc…

No. That is OneStore content aka Marketplace.

Wow… all because you can’t just simply enable or disable marketplace content in the content manager without having to uninstall and redownload the entire thing.

But, more on topic: There is something strange going on with certain Marketplace content, because I still run a pretty large number of airports in my community folder and none of them causes longer loading timers or CTD’s.

For sure, the issues that I’ve found aren’t due to all MP content. There are definitely specific ones that are causing the most havoc, but I’ve also found that random combinations of them are as well.

The latter is the hardest to work with, because of the randomness. By randomness, I mean just throwing whatever X, Y & Z add-on into the OneStore folder out of your total collection and loading the sim. Individually, they don’t cause issues, but combined they do.


This may be part of a wider problem and not just limited to the Beta. I get a MSFS lockup whenever I load a flight for a new livery or new aircraft for the 1st time. The aircraft or livery appears OK in the hnager, but as soon as you load it in a flight, MSFS stops. It is only recently that this has starting happened, so I assume it is related to the latest update. After terminating MSFS through the task manager, the livery or aircraft always then loads successfully then next time you run MSFS, and the problem never resturns for that livery or aircraft. This problem is very consistent.

This how I was seeing it, too. If I had X aircraft with Y livery and loaded into Z airport for the first time I’d get a CTD. If I relaunched the sim, most of the time I’d be successful loading that same combination immediately. However, if I took the same aircraft and livery and loaded into a different airport I’d get a CTD. Or If I switched aircraft and used the same airport I’d get a CTD, etc.

There is something in that initial loading of a combination it doesn’t like.

Another beta update, and again nothing is improved/fixed. Still long load times, CTD when I hit “fly”, and on the rare occasions when it doesn’t CTD, the performance is HORRENDOUS. What in the world have they done in SU13?

I hope we will hear something in the Thursday update blog…

I may also be an extension of the problem where if you load a different livery or different aircraft and select a parking bay, MSFS always loaded the flight on the runway. The second time you load the same livery or aircraft, it loaded correctly in the parking bay. This problem has been around for some time. The solution to that problem was to select 2 different parking bays one after another before loading a flight. I’ll have to try this next time I load a new livery and see if that works for this problem as well.

Sorry to hear that. :frowning: I may have gotten lucky up to this point.

Even under stable builds, the first minute of the sim load does seem to take a while to settle in, especially with VR or mixing between VR and 2D.

I’ve been running the same airports, airplanes, addons, etc. Prior to the beta I was super stable.

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I’m not even sure why MP or Community content should cause instability. I can see performance problems in some systems. But it’s all really just content, usually not executing, unmanaged code.

And still this thread is not tagged bug-logged or merged with the parallel thread in the performance section. Very sad.

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Seems like todays update has resolved the issue for me - I’m able to load a flight without CTD with FSDT KORD installed from the marketplace.

Wouldn’t have been a big deal except I couldn’t even roll back to stable version without the main menu disappearing so I was basically stuck.

Hope everyone else has luck too.


Same here. FSDT KORD is enabled again and I have not had a CTD in three flight starts—IniBuilds JFK/EGLL, FlyTampa Boston.

Tried with Fenix A320, PMDG 737, and Asobo A320.


That is massively encouraging.

Same here. No instant CTD and loading time back to normal. Have to test a full flight, but seems to be good work.


Okay, after seeing the most recent posts in this thread, and knowing I have many dozens of more hours of entertainment awaiting in STARFIELD over the next few weeks anyway, I bit the bullet today after work and re-enrolled in the Beta. This time I made some timings to document actual loading performance of the latest build. I have a pretty good amount of Marketplace and Community folder content and I did NOT specifically disable or uninstall any of it for the purposes of the test. Start time measured from double-clicking the desktop shortcut on my PC. Sim and all associated content is installed on an m.2 NVME SSD. Core i7-11700K, 32GB DDR4 3600 memory.

Current mainline (non-Beta) build: 5:32

After restarting, updating the MSFS sim, then pulling in the in-sim update to the Beta build (~4GB), time from completing that update to main menu: 4:52

First load into the PMDG 737-800, at gate E8 of iniBuilds PHNL: 2:14
First load into the PMDG 737-700, at gate E8 of iniBuilds PHNL: 2:17

Second load of the -800: 0:27
Second load of the -700: 0:25

After restarting the PC again and loading the Beta: 5:35

So it seems to me that for my content, loading times are back to normal and best of all, I did not experience CTDs after clicking the yellow Fly Now button.

Another observation/disclaimer: the initial load time of the SU13 Beta above is artificially low because it was only timed AFTER the initial 30 odd second load to the point of checking for updates, then however long it takes to decide there are none available and proceeding on. For the first load, this step is what resulted in the actual update of the main files to the current Beta. The baseline release time above, as well as the second load time for the Beta, both include that step and are entirely on par with one another with the same (*) content.

(*) ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: after updating to the Beta, I had about 5GB of content manager updates, which seemed to be several World Update POIs. This was odd to be as as I not get prompted for those updates when I loaded into the baseline release of the sim. Even odder, at one point when I canceled out of a flight back to the menu to test load times for another plane, I was prompted for ANOTHER update to a World Update POI package. I did not load into the sim a third time to see if there were more content updates again.


Closed as fixed in Sim Update 13: Release Notes - Sim Update 13 [] Available Now