CTD on Safe/Normal selection since spring 2023 update Steam version

Filled up template, but please also read following description of the issue as well:
Steam version with Windows 10, game crash with no error messages as soon as click start with Safe or Normal mode. Problem first noticed in the june 2023, didn’t play several months so can’t tell for sure which patch is faulty. Using Steam Depot to revert update to some older version did help to run game properly, but 1-2 mothns later game update killed that solution, seems can’t connect to servers with old binaries. Lock file is always created so can’t skip that Safe/Normal screen and if delete it manually, game still starts with that Safe/Normal selection. Maybe it’s important, config file is empty in the same folder where lock file is located (appdata or what, don’t remember). Tried to install all latest Win10 updates (usually stop them) - didn’t help. Old and new Nvidia drivers - didn’t help. Even bought 9900K cpu instead of 4690K, but still nothing. Do not have any applications which may hook in to the game (no screen/video capturing tools, Steam overlay disabled, no antivirus, everything pure). No issues with other games, hardware is rock solid. Deleting entirely game folder and reinstalling - same issue. No errors on hdd/ssd. I just hope it’s not a regional restriction (Russia) as they implemented telemetry according to some of patch notes.

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


Have you disabled/removed all your mods and addons? If the issue still occurs with no mods and add-ons, please continue to report your issue. If not, please move this post to the Community Support section.

Yes. No mods ever installed

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Always bring up Safe or Normal selection and crash after choosing one of them.

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No screenshot

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NVidia drivers different versions, including the most recent were tried

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1 rig: NVidia RTX 3060, Intel i9-9900k, MSI z370 Carbon, 32 Gb ram / 2 rig: NVidia RTX 3060, Intel i5-4690k, Asus h97-Plus, 32 Gb ram

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Can’t tell exactly, in the middle of spring 2023 or end of it.

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Hello! If you would like some individual help on this with our Support Team, fill out a Zendesk ticket and they will help you try to identify the issue causing your CTD. https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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