CTD on World map planning simple IFR

I’ve the microsoft store premium deluxe version.
I’ve now an reproducable CTD (crash to desktop) in World map.

How to reproduce:

  • Select Asoba A320 Neo

  • Select custom weather with few clouds

  • Select traffic off and single player

  • Select munic airport, any gate as start point

  • Select for example LEBL (Barcelona airport) any runway or gate as ending point
    Select IFR (lower air space)

  • Now I’m getting an CTD, sometomes immediate when doing the IFR selection, otherwise when I click the button to generate the flight.
    I never had this CTD in the formr version of FS.

  • Build

  • Intel i7 PC, 16 GB memory, SSD hard disk, NVIDIA RTX 2060

It‘s not the most convenient solution but since you‘re at the PC I‘d highly recommend to use the FBW mod for the A320 and the MSFS beta version, it‘s MUCH more stable than what you use.