CTD or FPS loss? Check if your HW temp is still whitin limit

Hi all,

I recently upgraded my GPU. Most upgrades require a decent Power-supply and the necessary (extra) cables to attach them.

Because I wanted to be sure my system could handle it I read some articles about possible risks.

To make a long story short, I did the upgrade and tested my systems Hardware. It seemed my CPU didn’t really like the upgrade cause the temperature went up to it’s limits. Still within the safety limits but something to keep an eye out on.

I therefor kept an eye on the temperatures for two days and adjusted my FS settings in the Sim and within NVidia Control Panel.

I noticed certain N.C.P. settings raised my CPU temp by 5c and thought about some members that experienced stutters, reduced FPS and even CTD’s.
Following (the good intended) advice on “the best” NVidia Control Panel settings could mean the temperature limit is being reached.
If a CPU / GPU reaches it’s maximum temp it (first) throttles down. If this doesn’t help to lower the temperature, it shuts down. Therefor it might be an idea to check your temperatures and make some adjustments if necessary.

Acceptable levels: Intel CPU’s are fine as long as the temperature is (average 75c). AMD CPU’s need to be around 70c (average). Of course lower is always better. I found these averages comparing several PC related Websites and Youtubers.

My I7-7700 CPU peaks at 84c when I load FS2020. This peak occurs only once while loading. When FS2020 has loaded the temperature settles down to an average of 70c.

I’m far from a technical expert and I’m sure there are many members who have more experience on this subject. But if there are a handful of members who can solve their problems by checking the temperatures I’m happy.

Note: My system runs like a charm, I created this topic for those who might have problems related to temperature limits. It might not be the first cause you would check.

If you reach the temperature limits of your CPU then there is a cooling problem. I had this before with my 10700K processor and my Enermax cooling system. It was not working and did not cool anymore. As I changed it the temperature never reached more than 80 degrees. So if you reach the temperature limits you should always check your cooling system before!

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