CTD related to steam userdata

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Since one month or so, each time Windows Updates, MSFS Updates, or randomly, when I open MSFS, after loading the welcome backgroud and when below blue line reach the center of the screen and two images should appear over the background, the Sim closes and goes to desktop. After that, the only way to make it work again is unchecking the cache in the Steam MSFS Options and delete the folder 1250410 under userdata in steam folder in C. Then MSFS loads as the first time, I mean, I have to set it up from the begining (Graphic options, accesibility options, etc), and I have to configure all mapped keys and buttons in controls. And then I have problems because when open the controls to configure, a circle moving (waiting signal) appears forever avoiding me to choose a control or do anything in that screen except escape and go to another screen. Suddenly it works and lets me configure, but today I have restarted the sim 5 times already and I still cannot enter that screen. This has happened to me more than 6 times already and it takes up to 2 hours leaving everything as it was before.


does disabling the steam cloud save option help with your problem?

Disabling steam cloud for msfs solves it if I also delete local data, which takes me to set it up everything from the scratch, but then, it is enabled again.

Yesterday i found a way to disable steam cloud globally so now it does not activate msfs cloud data again.

I have to wait until next Windows update to see if it solves the problem forever.

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