CTD reproduceable at or near KCGS College Park

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everytime you start or come near KCGS PC CTD
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load a flight at KCGS
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Since the latest update I encountered a CTD everytime I flew on the Q75 airway where it crosses the Q119 airway. I tried to take a small detour around that portion of the airway yet still got CTD (multiple planes). I had reroute east to the Q22 airway in order to fly south without a CTD. I then attempted to spawn at KCGS but kept getting a CTD every time. Apparently the NAVDATA is corrupt in that area (I tried both NAVIGRAPH and MS with the same result).

A temporary solution was just identified by deleting or renaming: bldo010.cgl to bldo010.cglbakup

We did an investigation on this thread:

I have around 13 of that filename, all in different folders.


Oh wait, I just read that discussion. It mentions 032 folder. will try that

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YESSS! It works!! Bermuda Triangle is GONE!

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I fly out of W00 only 5 miles from KCGS. I TOO am having the same trouble. Just tried the fix out and Success! I can load up again. Asobo, get that building model OUT!

An unfortunate result of removing that file. Many of the airports I depart/arrive look like this now ugh!

Looks like this issue is fixed. I’ve re-enabled bldo010.cgl and flown thru the area and no CTD.