CTD when connecting or disconnecting a USB device

Are you on Steam or Microsoft Store version?

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

Brief description of the issue:
Freeze and subsequent CTD when any USB device is plugged in/out

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
Connect or disconnect a USB peripheral during a flight

PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant:
Intel i9 9900k
Corsair Vengeance DDR4 64GB
Nvidia 3080 FE

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

Me too, it crashed when I plugged in my controller during the final approach.

IT MESSED UP MY WELL PREPARED FLIGHT and since we cant even save a situation properly, I can do the flight again.

This is ridiculous, plugging in a controller should not crash a flight, no way.

I don’t own a console controller, and have no plans to, but I know that some users have one just for controlling the drone camera. Some have reported that it can cause a crash if the device goes to sleep, so if I did get one it would be a cabled one, every time.

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and which kind of controller you used till the final approach, the keyboard ? :rofl:

But yes,… plugin a controller should not let any app crash. But MSFS isn’t the one single application which struggle a bit with this situation.

Solution may be to extend your flight-prepare-procedure with the check-point: connected all your controllers at flight start.

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Actually, although USB is hot swappable, I would not do it. If using Virpil devices, unplugging them while energized could brick device. Hmmm, would you unplug your 2,000-dollar tv while on? I never unplug anything while PC is on, and pull power cord before disconnecting any devices, including my USB-C hub. Yes, could cause issues, even if only 5VDC, voltage is voltage and amps too.

I appreciate that, however that’s not always up to choice. If I switch off my wireless mouse or headset, or plug either of those devices in to charge then a device connect/disconnect is triggered which causes MSFS to freeze and crash.

At this point I touch absolutely nothing on my PC or MSFS whilst in flight because who knows what will trigger MSFS to crash, even VFR map is completely unstable. Want to check out the scenery to your left and right? Don’t bother, it’ll crash.

But as I say, it’s not always our choice and in those cases where a device battery dies and disconnects, or plugging in a mouse to charge, it would be nice to not suffer an extreme and ridiculous consequence.

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The solution of assuring no devices are plugged in or unplugged during flight is not a real solution. As others have said, many of us have wireless keyboards, mice, or headsets that have autosleep features that can’t be turned off. I know for me personally I have a Corsair wireless headset that if I simply take it off my head it goes into a sleep mode, which then causes a CTD. This issue needs to fixed as soon as possible with no exceptions.


Here’s a suggestion for people who have issues with USB.

Turn off computer unplug all your controls.

Restart computer check that all updates are up-to-date.

Start MSFS go to any airport then exit MSFS

Plug your joystick wait until Windows activate it.

Check for updates and check for OPTIONAL updates check that all drivers are up-to-date.

Go to control panel power management and make sure that USB is not enable to save power if it is select Disable.

Restart computer run MSFS check your controllers, if you still have issue it could be your controller itself.

I use Samsung Ear Buds + at night flying. If I walk upstairs, the buds lose Bluetooth connection, sometimes having to be re-connected, but the GAME never CTD"s over it, so something else is causing this I think, and since I cannot duplicate your issue, I don’t got clue.

The issue is caused by, as described, USB connect and disconnect events. Nothing bluetooth related since my mouse nor headset use bluetooth to connect. It does not matter what device it is that triggers this. Neither the devices nor the drivers are faulty. Having tested just now, this even happens on the installation process.

Given MSFS is the only game to crash as a result of this, it’s blatantly obvious the issue lies with MSFS and how it handles disconnect/connect events. No amount of reconnecting TrackIR in other games like DCS result in a freeze and/or crash.

I’ve raised an issue on Zendesk.



I think you actually need to disable power saver for any USB device - this was making my Saitek panels cause CTDs. (I used SPAD next to make the changes for me).

As for for my wireless game controller I use for the drone camera, well it has to stay connected with a cable.

I agree this sim is pretty touchy with USB devices. But I dont know if its the sim, the PC or the OS any more. I’ve had more USB issues since W11 but have always had some for a very long time. Even my old FS PC with W10 did not always recognize all my devices on bootup. I have better luck booting up the PC then switching my devices on 1 at a time. Yes I learned early on, DO NOT reset a usb device with this sim running. Even a USB device such as a Saitek panel that the sim itself does not recognize can cause this sim to CTD.

Seems to me it might be better for the sim to scan for devices when we start the sim and then just monitor the devices it recognizes. Instead, the sim seems to be constantly monitoring ALL usb ports and trying to assign a profile to any port that changes state. Sometimes that actually works but usually it causes a CTD.

I disconnect the gamepad during the flight because sometimes it prevents knobs from being turned properly.

Until they fixed these crashes I will continue on X-Plane which I would do anyway.

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Raised the issue on Zendesk. I was linked back to my own thread and told to search first - interesting.

Nonetheless, I’ve pushed the issue and it is now on the backlog to be investigated.

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This game is totally unusable for me. I must have spent over a day of cummulative time staring at the loading screens - only to CTD a few seconds into flight… if I get that far.

I’m going back to GTA to take out my frustrations!

At this rate I think “Manhunt” is a better remedy!

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Hi all, please stay on-topic and supply constructive feedback. This is especially important in #bugs-and-issues. Thank you.

I thought this issue had already been addressed in a previous update. SU5? Earlier?


Yes. It’s right here in the notes for SU5

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Interesting. I’ll mention this on my Zendesk ticket as it definitely hasn’t been resolved. Thanks for sharing!

My apologies.

Are you on Steam or Microsoft Store version?
MS store.

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

Brief description of the issue:
Plugging/unplugging USB devices such as a phone, or a charging cable to some other device, causes the sim to freeze for multiple seconds and sometimes CTD. Since launch, this issue seems to come and go with various updates, but there’s been no consistency.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant:
9700k, 3080FE, 64GB RAM, Ch pro USB throttle, thrustmaster joystick, logitech rudder pedals, Corsair gaming headset.

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: various, including beta 18