CTD when connecting to UI cloud on fresh install


Microsoft Store version

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?
Brief description of the issue:
so here’s a fun thing. app keeps crashing immediately after load in on castle splash screen so i deleted and did all troubleshooting and redownloaded and did more troubleshooting. the end result is this, on a fresh download, before the bulk install a screen pops up really quick that says something about connecting to cloud ui… if i click cancel, it passes thru and opens the game and i can complete the install and download all updates… weird huh? only problem is after that i never get the option to cancel the cloud ui refresh it just hits the castle splash screen and then crashes… bottom line, there is something corrupted on the server that when my install tries to connect with the gamer tag login, crashes the app.

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pc build far surpasses ultra specs
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