CTD when flying from and between sant martin and st bart

We are already getting used to the that when there is a new udgrade, to the simulator, something stops working. We are the simmers part of the evolution of this much-loved MSFS 2020 simulator. That’s why we’re required to report any issues that arise.

After the WORLD UPGRADE 4 update: FRANCE, BELGIUM, NETHERLAND AND LUXEMBURG and its consequent adjustments 1.15.8 and 1.15.10, I lost flying through Caribbean airports: TQPF-WALLBLAKE, TNCM-SAN MARTIN, TFFG- GRAND CASE and TFFJ-ST. BART.

I can appear on the other surrounding islands, fly between them but not fly from them. The simulator freezes or stays in a loop and I have to restart it.

I clarify that the excellent St. Bars was included in the simulator. Shop the Marketplace and install the St. Martin and Grand Case scenery (ORBX). Also buy directly from ORBX: Vessels Anguilla, St. Martin & St. Bars, to complement the scenery,

I hope you can find and resolve this anomaly and solve the problem.

I appreciate your prompt attention.

I’ve flown that region quite a bit, both before and after getting the TNCM addon from the Marketplace, but that’s all I have added in that area. Try removing the other ORBX items - it sounds like you may have a conflict.

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I have flown in and out of that area and have never experienced a CTD associated with the area, although I do not have any addons (None). I’ll test it again this afternoon and report back if I see any trouble.

Hello @TVBosch45

Since you have third-party scenery included of the region, this post was moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:scenery-packs

Your attention is appreciated. I’ll try your advice. Thanks.

I would try to reproduce your CTD, but it really is a waste of time, unless I am also duplicating your MSFS configuration. there are just too many variables.

It seems clear that MSFS has some Data Sensitivity, that could well be causing CTDs.

The more these can be reduced, the more likely the cause of these CTDs can be determined.

My GUT feeling, is that the streaming data could be a major contributor.
If that streamed Data is corrupt in any way, it may well be causing CTDs.

What can cause the data corruption – so many things - including faulty network hardware, – etc etc – the list is almost endless.

Until MSFS becomes less “Fragile”, and can automatically handle these issues, or whatever is causing these CTDs, they are not going to magically disappear.

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I have had the same issue, I was trying to spawn St Barths not St Maartin, it hapened a few times so I uninstalled the St Maartin scenery and unfortunately that is what is needed to solve the issue.

same here days ago, all you have to do is change the name of the “materialLibs” folder inside awdesigns-tncm to something like this “materialLibstncm” and then change inside layout.json all the “materialLibs” routes to the new one “materialLibstncm” , its not the only scenery that produces the same type of CTDs, known bug in a lot of third-party scenery addons since last update

I followed the advice of tclayton2K I just removed the ORBX St. Martin and Grand Case scenery with the administrator and I can now fly in these sceneries again and I don’t have the CTD.
I conclude that ORBX should update it, as it did previously. I will wait patiently.
The thing about the modellib.bgl … I don’t dare to touch it … are big words.

That great progress.

Now, not only should ORBX fix the error, but Asobo also update MSFS so it does not crash when it does get a similar error from other scenery files in the future.

In an ideal world, MSFS should not CTD with bad scenery, it should be able to recognese it is bad, and take the necessary action to not have it cause a CTD.

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