CTD when landing


Hi all,

I’ve had a problem in the last few days with CTD’s on landing at airports!, has anyone else suffered from this and if so what was the problem ?

I have absolutely no problem with taking off and the flight itself is relatively stutter free, most of them 2 hours+ on the 747 but as soon as my tyres hit the tarmac on landing booom, a CTD!

5 out of my last 6 long flights have resulted in this and I’m desperate to find out the reason why.

I’ve reported it to zen desk but was curious if anyone has resulted in the same problem.


You should check if the CTD only happens on the B747 on such conditions (touchdown).

Concur. If you can recreate same field, same conditions using other aircraft, especially stock / no mods, then you have a more systemic problem. If it’s just the Jumbo…

Thanks guys,

I’ve been doing all sorts of experimenting but the thing that seemed worked is switching live traffic back on!

I did remember I switched it off about the same time I started getting the CTD’s so tonight had a flight from San Francisco to LA with LT switched back on and had my first landing without a CTD for a week, woohoo :grinning:

Hello man!

In addition to the problem of FPS drops, I am witnessing the same problem as you. Eventually, during landing (At the exact moment the aircraft touches the ground), the simulator simply closes. Did you really solve the problem?

Hi! Looks like he turned Live Traffic ON. With it OFF he was getting CTD on landing. I’ve never had Live Traffic OFF so I think I’ll try to reproduce it!

So it CTD with any aircraft or just the B747 and any airport?

Any aicraft, i will try my Live Traffic ON. I always use it off, until now.

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Yeah, it’s really strange and never happened to me before!

I tried everything from reinstalling my redistrtibutables to reinstalling my drivers but still had the same problem!

Then I remembered I switched my live traffic off last week and that (I hope) started my CTD on landing, it would make sense as I only have a CTD when landing so it’s been really frustrating but when I switched my live traffic back onto live, my landing worked perfect and no CTD!, I celebrated like my football team had just scored :grinning:

I’m going go fly my 747 from LA to Las Vegas later today, I will update and let you know if I get another successful flight.

Please let me know if live flight makes your CTD dissapear too!, I have raised a ticket with zendesk and they are investigating

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Just completed another flight from KLAX to KLAS without my CTD so I’m guessing it was changing my live traffic to ‘on’ that has worked it, I’ll leave it another few days and another few flights before I let zendesk know that it’s been sorted!, I have a feeling if I let them know now it will start CTDing again

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Octaval I have the same issue, but with live traffic already on. Did you got any info from Asobo on this?

Iv been getting a CTD this past week when coming into land around 8000ft from landing flying the A320

From take off to cruse everything is fine, I have always kept live trafic turned on.

Strange bug…

Wow, this is crazy isn’t it?, I haven’t had a CTD since switching live traffic back on so my system seems to be happy at the moment but this game is showing us it’s so unpredictable!

It may be something else but I’m keeping my settings as they are as they are seeming to work at the moment, for how long I don’t know as this game seems to have a mind of its own.

Is there any addons you have in your community folder as these can be the cause of some of these, or liveries could be a problem too.

I haven’t heard anything from Zendesk yet, but I’ve decided to give it a rest until the stutters stop as I had to abort a flight yesterday because I’d really bad stuttering.

I’ve had this also since the last update several times esp at larger airports

Lol I made the landing after I turned my antivirus and Live Traffic off.

Iv just done my first flight in over a week without a CTD from EGCC to EKCH

All i done was delete my rolling cache file and made a new one. Strange thing is tho i already did that after sim update 3

This has been the same route iv been having my CTD with on decent