CTD when re-installing items in Content Manager


A strange issue, MSFS 2020 has started doing a ctd nearly every time i install any of the addons in content manager. (Sims running fineotherwise) I do have addons, but use an addon linker to keep the community folder empty, only selecting addons i need whn setting up a flight, so it’s empty any other time.


AMD Ryzen 7 3800x
32gb DD|R4 ram
Radeon RX5700Xt gPU
Msi X570 Pro M/ Board

Win 10 Home all up to date.
MSFS2020, current.


Working fine this morning, please remove.

Hi @TheDaMnEd147,
If you run into other issues, there is a known one related to some add-ons and a push of new Bing World Data:

I’ll close your topic per your request.
Thank you!

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