CTD when switching to VR with HP Reverb G2

I am getting CTD when I try to start VR mode with my HP Reverb G2. Is does not matter when I try to switch, the system will freeze and crash to desktop immediately. I had a super-stable system before Christmas, but I have not had the time to play for a couple of months. So when I startet MSFS today a couple of things had changed. New version of MSFS and Windows has upgraded itself from 10 to 11 (without me requesting it, but I guess it is MS who decides this).

I have tried the following:

  • Upgraded the Nvidia driver
  • Cleared the Nvidia shader and gl caches
  • Cleared the DirectX shader cache
  • Cleared the community folder
  • Upgraded the OpenXR toolkit to latest version
  • Switched from Direct X 11 to 12 (beta) in MSFS

Still only CTDs when I try to enter VR.

Can anyone give me some tips on how to proceed to get to the bottom of this?


am having same problem but it ctd when I switch from vr to 2d

Seems to have started more often for me since the avionics update

I think I found the cause of my problem. Disabled the Open XR toolkit and then no CTDs. And even more surprising, the performance and visuals improved.

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