CTD when try to fly from KSEA

Hi guys.
I’m trying to figure out what in the world maybe causing the sim to CTD when I press fly now on KSEA. I actually thought that it was only there, but I tried KTIW with the same results. The sim doesn’t crash anywhere else but only on that particular area. I tried with different aircraft and different settings, and I also followed all the steps Microsoft asked me to follow when I was having issues trying to land on KSEA, the sim crashed when I got to final on 16L. This time is not even trying to land but rather start a flight. I tried with addons and payware disabled but I have the same results. I get pretty good performance on any of the other airports and all my software is up to date. I really don’t know what else to do.
I even stopped using the driver for the Bravo throttle and haven’t reinstalled it because Asobo says there is a problem with Simconnect.
The sim just crashes without errors or warnings, and only happens when click “Fly Now” and only at that location. I don’t know how far away from KSEA is the problem affecting the sim. I only tried the other flight I mentioned to see it it was having an effect, which it did.

Have you disabled AI traffic? That effectively solved most of my CTD issues.

like a dejavue !

At First:

  • please REMOVE all mods, then we can start to analyse

Then Please share your system specs, and if possible the message which is logged within the windows event viewer log.

Ps: have you installed EGTB ?
then see

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What @MichaMMA said. This is definitely a scenery conflict. I’ll add that it’s not only EGTB but also some other airports that could also create conflict with KSEA and airports in the Seattle area. I suggest you also look into whether you have ORBX’s KTIW installed.

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I don’t have EGTB. All my mods were disabled when I tried the flight again. Some payware are installed on the community folder because it doesn’t allow me to place them on another folder like, ORBX, FlightBeam and LTVFR. My mods are all installed on an internal SSD drive via addon linker and I turned it off when I was checking.

So your saying that KTIW can cause that problem? I do have it installed it but there is no support requests on the ORBX forums about this airport causing this issues.

then you have mods installed :wink:

I actually brought this flight to an end. After more than 10 hours I landed on the RWY 16L. It almost went wrong. Because an A320N wanted to land before that, despite my landing permit. I came to a stop. The flight itself was unspectacular. The machine was inclined in the air for hours. There was no success in statistics.

As a reminder:
The purpose of the Bugs & Issues categories is to discuss issues that affect the base simulator (MSFS default content). Please do not discuss issues with third-party addons, or modifications in this category.

If you believe your issue may be caused by a third-party addon/mod, empty your community folder and remove all 3rd Party software, restart the simulator and try to reproduce the error.

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Come on guys. All these problems are intertwined until we can find out what the problem is, so you need to be more understanding. We cannot know whether the problem is caused by a third party or the sim itself so, until we do, there will be, inevitable I have to say, to mention third party addons. Is hard enough to try to keep up with all the issues with the sim already. So I say, be as supportive with us as we are with you while we find out what the issue is?

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therefore again: please remove all mods first then we can analyse it. Only then we all have the same application / precondition.

See also:

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Ok guys.
I found the culprit. EvidencePlz was right about KTIW. I uninstalled it and sure enough, I was able to fly out of KSEA. I loaded all my addons, payware and freeware again, and had no problem, other than the fact that the weather was pretty crappy around Seattle. I even had Seattle landmarks installed and it worked fine.
Thanks for all your help. :slight_smile:

Closing topic as solved due to an add-on.