CTD when trying to land C172 float plane at FsimStudios CYVR sea plane terminal

Hi. I have tried landing the C172 G1000 float plane several times at the CYVR (Vancouver International) seaplane terminal on the Fraser river. I have CYVR from FSimStudios from the MSFS marketplace installed. Every time I land a C172 on the Fraser river coming in from the east over No 2. Road bridge, at the seaplane terminal, I get a CTD.

If I delete the CYVR from FSimStudios, and I follow the same route and land at roughly the same spot, it doesn’t CTD for me. Is anybody else experiencing this same problem? This is unfortunate because I want to reproduce the same landing approaches that the float planes do in real life but when I do it in MSFS, I get a CTD when using CYVR from FSimStudios (it’s a shame because FSimStudios actually modelled the sea plane terminal quite well).

Is anybody else CTDing when landing a float plane at the CYVR sea plane terminal and is using the FSimStudio CYVR from the MSFS marketplace?

Depending on how long I have been flying (time using the sim), I may or may not get CTDs at CAM9 (CYVR seaplane terminal). I think it has to do with some memory leak/less memory available after SU5. Short flights from CYHC (Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre Seaplane Terminal) don’t cause CTDs, unless I choose any option with a West departure/arrival with ATC; I get a CTD for choosing poorly. FSS is looking into that.

If you can repeat the issue, have you already filed a ticket with FSS? I purchased from Orbx; updates arrive much quicker than the MSFS marketplace.

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Hi, I wanted to see if anybody else was experiencing this problem before filing a ticket with FSS. I will wait for World Update 6, which is supposed to fix a lot of issues. If it still CTDs at the CYVR seaplane terminal, I’ll file a ticket then. I purchased the CYVR FSimStudios version from the MSFS marketplace though.

It’s good to know that you are also experiencing the CTD sometimes. So it means I’m not the only one that has this problem.

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