CTD with GPU Spiking to 100%

Started noting ity with SU5 download. Had multiple CTDsd and every time it was preceeded by a 100% GPU spike. I do have low end GPU 1050 TI, any help in fixing this will be appreciated.

Have you tried limiting your FPS in the game settings. Might stop the 100% spike?

also your power supply sounds it can not handle this anymore.In most cases of CTD THE CULPRIT CAN BE TROUBLESHOT TO A POOR POWER SUPPLY.

I have fps limited to 30 since the very beginning and now gpu spikes during download process itself. Never saw it peaking earlier.

GPU spiking to 100% is a very consistent pattern. PSU looks fine but will check it out as well.

Consistent pattern - GPU goes to zero and then spikes to 100% immediately followed by CTD. Does it ring a bell?