CTDs after early 2021 patch

Well I did it! I’m a brave warrior who challenges de status quo. :wink:

First flight was successful. Now the question is if the pagefile was the solution or if it was just luck (happened in the past). I hope to find some more time in the course of the week to answer this question. I’ll report when I know more.

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I was able to do some short flights over the course of the week and so far no crashes. So looks good. Unfortunately I can’t tell if the pagefile solved the problem or the reinstall of all gamefiles.

One thing that got my attention is a decrease in performance. While FS was running smooth before, now there are some stutters from time to time.

I just installed Sim Update IV and CTDs are back…

Same as in the past: VCRUNTIME140.dll and 0xc0000005.

Before installing Sim Update IV, I had no crashes after setting the pagefile as told.