CTDs after early 2021 patch

Hello everybody!
First of all: sorry if a matching topic already exists. I tried to read as much as possible about CTD issues in FS but haven’t found something matching exactly my situation.

I bought FS on release and it ran absolutely perfect. No crashes, no performance issues, just fun thoughout 2020. In 2021 I at first didn’t really had much time to play. I started to play again shortly after Sim Update III and had absolute random CTDs from that point on. Sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes after an hour. It also isn’t connected to any situation or position in the world. I even had a crash in the main menu. I haven’t changed my specs or my drivers or anything else.
When I monitor my system while playing it seems like all values are normal, even at the moment of the crash. Temps are low, GPU and CPU usage is below 100%, RAM and VRAM usage is also below 100%.
I know that there seem to be a lot of issues with AMD GPUs, so It tried reinstalling drivers, installing newer drivers, disable FreeSync, lock fps at 30 but nothing helped.
I also tried uninstalling old visual C++ packages (fixed some bugs but not the crashes) and also checked integrity of the game files via steam.
What really puzzles me is that it ran absolutely perfect with the same specs and same drivers in 2020. So is there anything I can do about it or did the Devs really add an issue with one of the patches?

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

Version: Steam, no add-ons, no dev mode


because of that amount of RAM at first you should possible check your windows virtual memory setting ( pagefile ).

Please set is to a manual size of : minimum:8GIG maximum:20GIG ( betterr 30GIG) ( 8000 / 30000 ). Please also ensure there is enough free space on your disc.

See also:

In case this will not be helpfull, can you please check the windows event log for an error entry ?
Related to AMD you mention, it might be helpfull you mention then also your current driver version.

Thanks for your reply!

I read about the pagefile solution also, but since FS does not seem to use alle of my RAM I thought that should not be the problem. Maybe I’ll try it in the future just to be sure.

At the moment I am running the driver version 21.2.3 of the AMD drivers.

Wow, the windows event log is something new for me. Nice! And for the 40 minutes the game ran today until it crashed there are three application errors. All three say it is the module VCRUNTIME140.dll, Version: 14.28.29913.0 and the error code is 0xc0000005. Maybe that can help to find out what is wrong.

don’t be confused with the working-set you can see in task-manager and the commited-memory which you can see in e.g. Resource-Manager. There is a huge diff !

But the VCRUNTIME140.dll let me a bit fear bad things. But, please check at first the pagefile setting.

About the VCR…dll is a own thread, but… we hope at first for pagefile :wink:
In case VCR…dll with luck it is somewhat witht the network settings / azure / etc… ( like the old issues are back ) , with no luck its more complicated.

Check what airplane you are using when a CTD happens cause for me,i see that the Corsair (3rd party addon) is the problem for now.I reproduce flights to see it is indeed the case.

Well, if the error says that the VCRUNTIME140.dll is the problem, I think it might really be the problem. Sounds a bit like devs added a bug with one of the patches.

But I will try the pagefile tomorrow to rule this out.

That file is likely not the problem. There are MANY things that can cause that error to occur. Most likely, something happened within the Sim where that DLL didn’t like what it got and puked. Could be memory, corruption, Sim bug, etc.

So - the theory of memory issues is spot on.

Also- in my case, when I’ve gotten these errors and CTDs it’s been because of an addon.

but as he wrote:

As said:… I hope he can fix it with memory setting.
In case not, we have to check the reasons for the VCR…dll , which can be of course a new in-game bug for which hopefully find a workaround in game-setting ( like these one for months where text2speach=azure caused that ). Otherwise the former link summarized what often the reason was.

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Hey no worries!! I was just giving my own examples to maybe help others perusing the thread.

Given the amount of these errors I’ve personally seen over the last several weeks, it seems like MSFS isn’t handling something right with memory and in my case, addons.

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hope it sounds not bad what I have wrote, was’nt meant in bad way :slight_smile:

I would be happy in case we can fix all issues so easy, e.g. increase pagefile or remove an addon/mod . But these VCR…Runtime.dll error … in special the reports from the last days… hmmmm…

And yep… the memory managment seems to need a little bit of optimizations :wink:

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I’m sorry! I thought you were upset with my response. I agree totally, I wish we could all easily fix these crazy issues most people keep seeing. I feel like our hands are so tied with lack of ability to get real detail on the issue.

That darn x000005 issue is plaguing so many people!!

All the best to you!!!

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but here we have “luck” within the “unlucky issue” : we get a more detailed messages which point us to the VCR…dll. Other users in big CTD thread get realy nothing else than these error number without a hint to the the faulty module.
But let us press the thumbs for a simple pagefile issue ( I know, I’am an optimist :rofl: ).

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Just wanted to test the pagefile method and stumbled upon a question: I got two SSDs in my system. One with the OS on it and the other one with some games including FS. There normally is only a pagefile on the SSD with the OS. I assume that is also the way it should be after setting it manually, right?

There are different combinations possible in that case. Normaly fastest drive is best for the “main” pagefile. Splitting it can be helpfull in case main-drive have limited amout of free space, then you can also configure a pagefile on another drive ( all together is for windows like “one block file” ).
If you split the pagefile then I would recommend to let allways a “fallback” size ( e.g. 4gig ) on main drive in case you someday disconnect the other drive. But for the test-case it is in first step not so important.

Ok, both are NVMe SSD drives, so both very fast. I took the one with the OS on it because it is stated like this in most tutorials. I chose min 16GB and max 30GB, that should be enough.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to test it today since FS now wants to redownload 172GB of data (everything?), and I have no idea why. Hence testing will take place tomorrow.

you choosen in Steam “verify files” ?.. this cause a full re-download in MSFS ( MSFS is not like the other Steam applications, … it is… “special” , not to say that this is a fail :laughing: ).

Well… yep… you guessed right :expressionless:

may be you can Vote for these here: Steam - Verify Integrity of Game Files Deletes All Content

I fixed my CTD during loading by disabling windows paging (virtual memory)
I have 32GB of RAM, but as we all know, MS hates you and they hate performance, so they will allways try to use paging even if you have a lot of free RAM.

never do that !

( same Crash to desktop without error message - #3619 by Zanzark )