CTDs after Velocity one firmware update

So over the weekend I updated the Firmware of my Velocity One yolk and throttle set up. All was running as standard with no obvious changes apart from the warning indicators turning green from blue.
Booted up my series X Xbox today, set up a flight plan, pressed fly, entered cockpit and CTD. Reloaded tje software, replanned flight, entered cockpit, bam back to CTD. Shut down console, waited, rebooted, reloaded game, opened up a c152 flying lesson and all ok. Entered the cockpit of the A320 it crashed again. I shut down the console again, rebooted and tried to fly a biz jet, same CTD.
Anyway I am on my second delete and reload of software as the first attempt made matters worse.

Is there anything else I need to do please ?

Did you disconnect the Velocity One and try to reproduce?

Yes i did. I shut down the console, disconnected the V1 rebooted and opened up a flight plan. Again entered cockpit and CTD within seconds. Hadn’t even had a chance to connect the V1.

Since then I have done a factory reset on my console and will test it later

Xbox series X. I’m having the same issue. I now can’t fly the Bonanza V35, Mooney Ovation, Beech staggering. Sometimes I can get them off the ground but never for long. CTD. We did have a beta update and a velocity update pretty close to each other so I’m not sure which might be the problem. I hope we can get this sorted out.

I am on the PC version and changed nothing, Last night a had a blue screen, Then a ctd, and then a memory error. Never had the trifecta before. Your problem may have nothing to do with the hardware you installed. Just bad timing.

Based on what I read, this happens with the V1 disconnected, correct?

I haven’t tried that yet but will do so this morning and report back.

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Ok so I did some testing and got mine fixed. I tried without velocity and cdt on all aircraft I mentioned. The moment I adjusted the prop I was back at Xbox Home Screen. I was adjusting using the side buttons on my mouse. So next flight I set up the same and adjusted prop with controller. No crash. I then checked my key bindings on the mouse. I have no idea why but it was adjusting prop 1 and prop 2. I cleared the bindings for prop 2, both increase and decrease. I tried again. Velocity is still unhooked. I was very happy to see there was no crash. I flew to close airport and landed with no troubles. I plugged in the velocity and tried all aircraft I was having issues with and had no crashes. All good again. So it seems that if you have a bad binding in something other than velocity it still causes a ctd. At least that was the case in my situation. Hope this helps.