CTDs and video cards


My system is an AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT with a Radeon RX5700XT GPU and 32gb of RAM and I have been experiencing the VCRUNTIME140.dll CTD intermittently since late December. Prior to that I had no issues whatsoever.

I’ve tried all the “fixes” various people have suggested over the months, some seem to work for a while but eventually the CTDs return. It’s led me to believe they’re all coincidences and nothing is really addressing the issues we’re seeing.

Today I ran a flight at HIGH settings while continually monitoring the Radeon performance monitor. I was hoping to run it until a CTD but inevitably today nothing untoward happened. I run my setup stock, with no overclocking or messing around and this is what I found.

The GPU was running pegged at 99% throughout, temps were reasonable at a constant 77c while pulling a max 180w off my 750w PSU

The CPU was in comparison, idling at 15~25% according to the Radeon monitor and the RAM was occupied up to a maximum of 51%.

I understand that there has been a bit of a conspiracy theory regarding AMD drivers but are these results reasonable? I would have hoped the GPU would have been slightly less of the huge bottleneck it appears to be? Might it also end up being the root of the issues I’ve been experiencing?

Don’t blame the GPU, one the cores of your CPU is most likely going full out.

I have a 5700xt as well (64gb of ram and Ryzen 7 3800). I built this system last year with flight Sim in mind. I’ve had the same experience as you. Almost exactly. Done all the “fixes” (reinstalled drivers, rolled back drivers, reinstalled the sim, installed the MS store version through game pass (I own the steam version), replaced that dll that will haunt my dreams now until the day I die, etc etc etc) and some of it has helped for a little while but it always eventually returns. It’s like something degrades over time. The best success I had was the full windows reinstall. I got 19 good flights in a row. I thought that was it. Nope.

So, I’m done. I’ll wait for the Xbox release and see if the performance boost that comes with it is the miracle cure. Otherwise I picked up X-Plane 11 in the steam summer sale. I’m prepared to fly off into the sunset over there, even if it won’t be as pretty.

I am also hoping SU5 is the miracle cure for my CTD. You can see my specs in my profile.

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I’m running an i7 10700k rtx2060super,drivers updated and have not really had any CTDs since the sim launch unless it’s a faulty mod or crazy OC.Able to complete 7hr flights without issues.
But I doubt if Intel and Nvidia has anything with a stable setup.
I would say the sim is quite stable and results may vary on different setups.

the issue around “VCRUNTIME140.dll” are in last time mostly reported from users which own AMD card or playing VR (… or do OC … ).

Often users also only check the GPU temp, not the GPU memory temp… and in special AMD cards are a litte bit on the “to hot” side .

But we can’t of course not finally know it… we can only collect the reports of the users and find a “relation”.

I’ve had the same 140.dll error a month ago.
In my case the sim refuse to start.Not sure where it came.I like to fiddle with files but doubt that was the case.
A reboot and the problem left and never came back.

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Yeah, I reinstalled XPlane some time ago and intend that once I go full steam heavy IFR that is the platform I will use. Scenery looks pretty similar up at FL380. It’s all just so frustrating that MSFS was stable at release, it was the planes that needed work back then. If it does magically repair with SU5 then all will be good with the world, but I’m not optimisitic.