CTD's are caused by Data Connection Online Functionality. The current fix is

Thank you! I’ll begin tracking

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um did you heard about the survivorship bias :wink: It is not because 1 person can make 1 full IFR flight without CTD that there is not an major issue to fix for the thousands of others !


Read again carefully, please :wink:

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I had two uneventful approx. 2 hr flights with no CTD, and with ONLINE DATA OFF, but the third flight had a CTD on final approach. The only difference in the third one I added my community folder back. so, NVM.

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I do the same every few weeks … as well as the

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

Seems to keep me away from CTDs… :+1:

Must have something to do with the server you are connecting too. I am in Australia connecting to the East USA server without CTD’s.

How can I select what MSFS server I am connecting to?

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I was automatically connected to the EAST USA servers, so I switched to WEST USA. I’ll give it a try and report back. Thanks!

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I too believe most CTD’s are MS server related. Usually right before I have a CTD the ATC voices will change to the kiddie voices. Then within 30 seconds or so the game CTD’s. Luckily I don’t have too many CTD’s. I am also connected to the East Coast USA server.

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I switched to the WEST USA from my automatic setting of EAST USA, and setup everything ONLINE. Well, a CTD occurred after 1 hr 25 min. Still, believe it is server related because for me the AZURE voiced change to ATC Offline prior to the CTD. Very frustrating. I’ll try a European server next.

I tried WEST EUROPE and it CTD in less than 20 mins. I will get back to OFFLINE DATA and see if it at least I can complete a flight. :frowning:

I just had my first full flight since Friday from EDDH to EDDM. I disabled all online services except Photogrammety and Bing World Data and got live weather via Rex Weather Force. Super stable flight, no CTD - first time since 6 attempts since Friday. Coincidence? Possible, but this solution seems promising!

I went offline all the way, and no issues. Did you use MSFS ATC in your stable flight?

Yes, used the standard ATC.

So, you just deactivated Live Real Air Traffic, Live Weather and Multiplayer, kept MSFS ATC and the Bing World Data/Photogrammetry?

Have you been able to reproduce the successful times repeatedly?

No, up to now it was the first time. But it was the first time since Friday, where i had 5 continous CTDs. Will check again tomorrow.

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