CTDs are killin' me here

I recently noticed that I had never completed the Frequent Flyer achievement (among a few others that are senseless to me, copying another aircraft’s flight plan??). So with nothing better to do and all day to do it, or several days to do it, I set off to knock this one out.
This is 4500 NM more or less and it takes beau coup hours to fly. I’ve never flown anywhere with accelerated frame rate or whatever that is, don’t even know how.
After 10+ hours, real time, the first attempt went CTD 7 miles from the KSEA runway. Bummer.
Regaining my composure, the second day and second attempt resulted in nearly the same results, except I was 5 miles from the end of the runway.
Encouraged by the diminishing distance from the runway, this morning at O Dark Thirty, I set off again. This time only 3 miles from the runway.
That knocking sound you hear in the background is me, smashing my forehead into the oak desk. Knock on wood.
I thunk I don’t care about that achievement anymore. At 1200 hours plus, gonna go find a new hill to die on… :grimacing:

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I too have recently experienced CTDs while on final approach after a long flight. That or towards the final steps of performing my preflight procedures. Flipping on a Pack switch after engine start with the PMDG 737 or truning off the APU on the Fenix A320 frequently CTDs for me lately. All of which happen while in VR.

Flying non-VR in those aircraft or flying around in non- 3rd party aircraft in VR seems stable at the moment.

The number of CTDs I’m experiencing now is the highest in at least a year but i think that’s because im now flying with 3rd party addons.

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A few months ago I was getting CTDs towards the end of long flights and I fixed it by turning off my rolling cache completely. My theory is that there is a bug with the rolling cache code where it causes a CTD when the cache gets full during a flight and then has to overwrite existing data. FYI, I just completed the frequent flyer achievement with no CTD.

Also be aware that you can complete this achievement using time acceleration, which I did not do this time as I was flying Concorde so it was only 4.5 hours. When I first did this achievement I did it in the 747-800 and used 4x accel during cruise and the achievement still popped. I know some people don’t like to use time acceleration but given you have already achieved this achievement in principle it would be worth having another go at it a 4x accel in cruise and with rolling cache off.


This can be caused by having your 2D screen in windowed mode while flying in VR and when you go to click these overhead switches you are actually clicking the red X on the MSFS to close the program ie. self-induced CTD. If you are in windowed mode, switch to full screen and this issue goes away.

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CTD four times tonight trying to fly from DC to Philly. Soooo frustrating. I just gave up.

What aircraft were you flying? Ill see if i can reproduce.

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Thanks for the offer! I reluctantly followed ResetXPDR’s advice (LOL!) and used Sim acceleration (I don’t think I could’ve taken another 10 hours of open ocean travel :grin:) I cleared my rolling cache, reset cache limit from 8 to 12 GB, arranged for a USAF KC-135 to rendezvous at certain points and took off. Climbed to altitude, set AP and NAV, engaged sim rate at 4X.
Met the KC-135 twice during the flight, refueled, followed the approach into KSEA and landed successfully. The achievement finally popped! YAY! Never again.
Why the KC-135? I flew a Cessna Citation Longitude at FL15 and 315 Kts. LOL! I haven’t tried big airliners yet, but I can handle the Longitude.
Thanks again!

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Just out of interest, do you use ATC on those flights?

The France to Washington was VFR and yes, ATC was with me the whole way. Over ocean I could have cancelled Flight Following until nearing the destination but I stayed active. I use and try to follow (LOL!) ATC when flying Low or High level IFR. I happily ignore ATC when they suggest I climb to 15,000 feet when I’m 10 miles from the destination, not gonna happen. Maybe in an F-18 :grin:.
Just out of interest, your interest?

I had a crash when flying up the Florida Coast from somewhere NE of Key West. I got up as far as Boca Raton, cancelled flight following, changed squawk to 1200, contacted tower to request landing, and the sim crashed. That was about a 1 hour 20 flight I think. I had been on flight following the whole way, switching frequences many times to that point.

I relaunched the sim, then flew from Boca Raton North for an hour or so, then roughly Northwest for another hour. Total flight time was about 2 hours 20 minutes, I never interacted with ATC, and the sim didn’t crash.

I plan to fly some tonight, and will try to reconfigure ATC to be text only, no audio, and just fly like that for a while, maybe a week or two.

Ah. I’ve not had any CTDs like that. ATC with voice always. The suggestion to delete the rolling cache may have been involved in my CTDs, but those were 10 hours+. I also increased my rolling cache maximum from 8GB to 12Gb.

FYI, my suggestion was to get rid of rolling cache entirely but I suppose a bigger rolling cache might work too. I don’t notice any real difference with rolling cache off completely and that’s even with only a 50 Mbps internet connection.

Didn’t investigate thoroughly, Maybe yes, maybe no. Something worked and I’m OK with that. Don’t think internet connection is an issue, I’ve got 1Gbps and the CTDs were still happening 3 miles from destination. I rarely have a CTD, but this attempt was producing them flawlessly :laughing:. Perhaps an empty cache and increased size was the solution, but I didn’t investigate. I ordinarily only fly 5 to 6 hour trips. Thanks again!

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Thanks, this helped tremendously.

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The frequency of CTD’s are steadily increasing for me, and its really starting to frustrate me. I was just on a flight from KMDW to KLAX, a 4 hour flight. About 10 mins into my descent it dies on me. I didn’t chsnge any settings, was not connected to any kind of ATC, and no issues with my pc or internet connection. I guess its a good thing Microsoft/Asobo are focusing on the important things, like Halo ships to fly around in…

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Glass Cockpit C172

I was using ATC for the first two flights, then I didn’t bother. It didn’t seem to have an effect.

Several flights in I also disabled live time/weather/traffic.