CTDs at FlyTampa Athens LGAV on Xbox?


Has anyone else bought this for Xbox Series X?
Have you had much experience with CTD? I seem to consistently get them after about 5 mins at the airport, regardless of aircraft, what I am doing or clearing the cache/ powering off the console prior to starting the sim.
Very frustrating as the developer says he is unable to troubleshoot.


Exact same problem as you mate, three times it happened to me, loaded ok but crashed while setting the plane up. Also CTD just before touchdown. Very disappointing. This is too common on the Marketplace post SU7.

LGAV (Eleftherios Venizelos airport) is not working. Ever since I bought LGAV it wasn’t working. If I’m not mistaken, I must have bought this addon while the sim was back on 7th update or maybe 8th. Not sure about that. The thing is, that since the first time I got this addon, the fps was really low, the sim was having a really hard time trying to process the airport and most of the times it would lead to a crash to desktop of my xbox series x. That would either happen during taxiing, takeoff and landings.

I have the same problem. I purchase the FlyTampa Athens airport from the Marketplace and the game crashes when i am in it,when i prepare my aircraft for take off or when i taxi after landing.

I’m going to try it again after SU10 and if it’s still it working, I will ask for a refund.

Hi, Do you still have problems with the flytampa scenario? I’m from Xbox and I’d like to buy their Athens airport

Stability is the better side of average. Be careful not to overdo exterior/drone views and it should be fine.

I have not had much success with certain aircraft like the ATR72 or A310. Pot luck if it works or just CTD before take off

No i don’t have any problem now. I enjoy fly to LGAV.

Thank u very much :ok_hand:t3: