CTDs from Carenado C182T and Orbx/Iris Jabiru


I’m using the Steam MSFS. I bought the C182T from the Marketplace and the Jabiru from Orbx.

With both of these aircraft when I select them then start a mission I get a CTD along the way every time. I’ve removed and reinstalled both and checked they have the latest updates.

The 182 used to work but I assume it has been broken by a sim upgrade. I’ve never gotten the Jabiru to work - I put up a support request on the Orbx forums and didn’t get a response.

Other payware aircraft work fine.

Any ideas? Has anyone else had this problem with these aircraft?

Are you using DX12?

There is a known issue with Carenado and DX12.

Yes indeed I’ve been running DX12.

Reverted to DX11 and both load and run fine

Many thanks!

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If you have a Nvidia Card roll back your drivers to 496.76.