CTDs prevalent

In tonight’s event, several participants experienced CTDs. Some several. I was thankful to complete the flight but it wasn’t without event. My MFD turned off and I eventually got it back by cycling it. Another interesting issue was the prop lever would move by its self, causing over torque of the engine. I had to constantly reposition the lever after it moved by its self. Finally, I did a short flight after the event in the Miami area and once I was airborne, I called up the VFR Map and the sim crashed to desktop.

Strangely, it recorded my event flight in the log book, which no flights were recorded yesterday.

I’m concerned about the reliability of the sim at the moment.

It seems some things move by itself when a lot of traffic is around. It almost seems like others control your plane from their aircraft. I had this issue before the patch.

I didn’t have any CTDs after patch 3 though. I’m doing some longer flights not across europe with GA so we’ll see, no issues yet.

The VFR map thing is a known issue, so don’t press V. Only use it at the beginning of the flight and then minimize if you want to use it later.