CTDs worse for me after Hotfix

Good evening all together. I am also struggling with the CTDs all the time and the clr.dll crashes. But I made an interesting observation today. 3 times I performed a Test. I started a flight and activated the active pause mode where the sim and weather in the background is working normally. After 4 hours it was already dark over Milan Italy (to Venice) and my plane almost empty (B208 Grand Caravan). But the sim was still running and not crashed. Then I resumed the flight and about 5 mins in the flight the CTD happened.
So this Must be the Code of the sim and not our machines when Windows, CPU GPU RAM are operating normally in the background.

Please, these people who have the CTDs often after few mins, please make the same test and then report to the dev team via Zendesk as I did. I am hoping for any positive news from the team.
But if the sim is working for hours without crashing, and weather is changing, propellers moving and you can look around in the cockpit during active pause, why our PCs are broken with drivers etc? That’s BS in my opinion.

Share your thoughts and let me know if you see the same
Thanks and regards


I tend to agree that the instability is in the sim nit our fault. Asobo has already admitted as such.
The way it affects us will be different as the sim seems liable to crash for a number of disparate reasons.
Some of the things I have done have either made it worse or in a few cases improved things. In most cases my problems seem to relate to graphics, graphics drivers and scenery loading.
Reverting back to a stable nVidia driver, running my card in Debug mode (factory clock) and ensuring vertical sync is only on in the sim not NVCPL have improved my stability and experience at high - ultra settings, but probably not completely stable until they fix it.

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Why should i have to think it would be my own fault or the pc which occur these ctdees.
For more than 5 months i had no ctd, after the last “update” , it started.
With or without oc, it doesn’t matter.
Yesterday evening, three flights with 3 ctdees. Always at the approach.

Wow! DeckledEar!! That did it!:smiley:
Of all the comments I’ve received on this forum (many helpful suggestions, many just people tooting their egos lol), your suggestion of turning off VSync in Nvidia, seems to have changed everything! No more CTD’s, I did 2 test flights in the C172 and all peripherals were working flawlessly, smooth as silk fps. Turned back up most graphics settings in the sim.
Still had plane flip over suddenly (again) on landing roll-out, as if I hit an invisible bolder on runway, but not always. Hopefully SU6 will fix that, and more.
So thanks to you, I’m playing again, very happy and anticipating it just gets better and better!
Thank you!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Really glad it helped someone.

Some people have MSFS Vsync and NVCPL both on, which is definitely a no no. I’m running the GTX1080ti graphics card in debug mode which also helps (NVCPL → Help)

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yep… the general hint we gave is “in case of manual settings in NVCP , reset it” and test again. Nobody can know what users have done for settings manually, and vsync default in NCVP is “Use Application Setting”. May be we repeat the hint not often enough :rofl:

By me no solution. Still freezing during loading any flight.

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Update: Last night I started a flight. Very excited that I found this workaround from you.
When doing my runup, I increased throttle, then brought it back down and CTD!!
I shut it off. I think I’ll wait until this Tuesdays update (not as excited for this update as the past updates, as they have only brought more issues lol!).

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I have the same problem that I cannot complete flights as my sim crashes all the time to desktop. I spent hours and hours with installing, configuring, checking. Opened even tickets with Asobo on Zendesk but they are not responding to me with something meaningful.

So the SU6 next week is the last opportunity to have an enjoyable sim or leave it.


Yes I totally get your pain in this case.

MSFS is incredibly unstable at the moment and the least thing (usually graphics related) will tip it over the edge.

I added a couple of mods that were supposed to be SU5 compatible and I got a CTD. Once I removed them no CTD. SO if you did add anything since the last time you posted, remove them and see what happens maybe? Uninstall all your Marketplace purchases unless they’ve been updated recently.

Make sure any secondary (eg graphics card/ Realtek driver etc) sound drivers you don’t use are disabled, apart from you main sound card of course.

Hope this helps. I am still managing to get most flights CTD free unless I fiddle with something - pretty much anything more or less.


honestly, I had a fresh blank installed sim without any updates. not even world updates installed. and always at certain places CTD out of nowhere. my problem is that the support team is silent and not willing to help. no matter what you write and how often. i even gave coordinates where it crashes.

so when you have a software without addons, mods, planes or additional stuff and it crashes at specific points, no one can tell me that this is my pc. no its the sim. full stop.

furthermore active pause runs forever until the tank is empty.
suprisingly when i fly on the edge of norway it works without crashes. but here in europe like italy or spain, germany it crashes


Nope, I did nothing, touched nothing, nor added or removed anything. Community folder is empty. It’s like it’s always been from day one last year. It can change from day to day without doing a thing, new issues appear, old issues vanish. It’s a ■■■■-shoot of a platform.
Again, I think I’ll just wait till Tuesday and not waste my time once again.

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If you guys are still having lots of CTD’s here are some fixes make sure your Nvidia graphics Driver is up to date, and finally go to the MSFS settings go to data and turn off Rolling cache and also delete the rolling cache I have had not one CTD since I did those to things even flying with the FBX A320nx on an hour long flight.

@jmw2207 I am running a Radeon 480 on Full HD with 30 frames fluid.
Using normally latest available stable drivers, then test drivers or elder drivers where I know that the sim was running fine without CTD in the past like February or elder.

And I am sure that these guys who run into CTDs, start a flight and pause the game into active pause where the whole system is under stress, it would not crash for hours. It crashes mostly under certain circumstances. Like for me in certain areas

I am glad that flightsim 2020 is working for you. However in the meantime there are thousands and thousands of users with all the same issue: while loading a flight the blue line stucks and the game is wortless. I found out that when you sitch off “online funtionality” you CAN fly, but ofcourse without real traffic; real weather and multiplayers, due to the fact that the flightsim is not connecting with the Microsoft server. In other words (I send that to the Miccrosoft helpdesk, and no answer) something goes wrong after the last update while connecting to their server. I am not an professional, but somewhere I have the idea that that is the very problem. A bug in the internet connection. Are you with me?

“Update your graphics drivers”. Sorry but this an advice on a level of “Did you check that your pc is plugged in?”

Perhaps once in my life has any game issue ever been caused by a gpu driver.
Also it doesn’t explain how did my game worked before the SU5 without issues, and now it won’t even launch!


then you had luck :wink: … two releases ago the nvidia driver let instand crash P3D , no start possible, and only a new driver from nvidia had can fixed that.

The driver is not in each case the “bad boy” , but it is not a bad advice to check it.

Well hopefully this next update will fix it for you guys

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Yeah, it didn’t.

For those of you with Capture One software installed on your MSFS PC, check this thread for the CTD solution:

CTD caused by Capture One 20 codec - Bugs & Issues / CTDs - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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