CU6 Power Poles look weird (PG power poles?)

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tested with clean community folder, cleared rolling cache and cleared shader cache

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Power poles in the new CU6 PG areas seem to be melted with PG.

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Download CU6, takeoff EDFM rwy 09 and follow rwy heading until motorway BAB6. You will notice the melted power poles there and can follow from there to south or north the power grid. All poles within the PG area are melted.

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DX11, AMD GPU with driver 24.3.1, Win11 23H2 build 22631.3447

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: with CU6 updates from Marketplace

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I think this is considered “normal”, as the AI does not handle see-through objects such as cranes, bridges & power-poles very well. You can see “melted” power poles / transmission towers all over the world.


Yes, that might be the reason and not limited to CU6. Maybe the devs will be able to hide PG as they have the exact positions like the non PG poles. They would just need a solution to just tell the PG not to show up, when e.g. a power pole object is placed.