Current issue with live weather and associated ctd (and possibly black screen on xbox)

I’m about to try it now. Preparing for disappointment…

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It’s a complete mess. I was flying today from Antalya to Djerba, after an hour of flight, the SIM card began to stutter so that the sound even stuttered, while it showed 35-40 frames per second when the frame rate was locked at 30 frames per second. The weather is also completely ruined. I work very hard, and I have very few days when I can relax and enjoy the flight, and then such a bummer: ( Asobo, please stop destroying our beloved game.


Do you go offline once the performance degrades? Or right from the gate you’re offline…? This I’m willing to try

Snow cover appears to be broken as well in Rex. If you depart from a snow covered area it will never update and your dest will be snow covered as well. Landed in snow at KSAN. Lol.

I already know where the problem comes from.
Thanks for advising.
You saved my PC from a hammer blow.
I hope it is solved soon.
I will be patient.

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By the post I’m reading, seems to park the Sim today is the better option for MSFS consummers.
I wanted to try some FBW new features today but, anyway… maybe next weekend…

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Yes it works perfect with live weather

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Yeah me too, but a Sim based in online services,… let me think… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

I can’t even launch the game at the moment, it’s causing a hard crash (with reboot) :frowning:

The irony! :wink:


Hmm, I wouldn’t say perfectly. Go above 18000 and your altimeter goes crazy and if you Dep from an area with snow cover it will never update to remove it when flying to a new area. Rex has its issues as well. For low level, local area it is probably ok but anything above 18k and to another region it gets messy.

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I did that when perfomance degrades (online functionality off ) it didnt help, low fps continued. Only when I started the sim offline

Just tried this with weather preset: did not prevent the severe FPS drop within an hr of flight. Sound started stuttering as well.

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I think there are many who share your disappointment. Hoping to have been able to relax over the holidays while enjoying some extended and interrupted flying hours. Sadly this was not be. I think the writing was on the wall though in the weeks immediately preceding the Christmas break. Still… most of us will be back at work on Tuesday :wink:

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Hopefully this could be the year of fixing performance related issues rather then visual looks…


I’ve been in the air since my last post in the F-15E. I’m not having any performance issues(maxed out on every setting), but I do miss my weather! It would be great if the forum allowed signatures so everyone could list their specs. No two people, unless they’re on console, are using the same setup.

after several CTD´s and other problems during my last flights (live WX on, FBW A320) I just switched live wx off. I am flying actual since 30 minutes or so without any problems and the FPS are back to 60 as I had before SU7.
So I will keep live WX off and wait for a fix that solves the problems :rofl:

I’m not sure the performance issues are directly related to live weather, as I’ve been using the clear weather preset with Rex weather force and experiencing the same performance degradations, especially when flying through clouds. I’ll surely try just using an offline static preset just to confirm this, but I don’t see any reason why using Rex would cause performance degradation if the recent performance issues are due to live weather. Perhaps it is a server issue in general, as I also haven’t turned off photogrammetry? In any case, a fix soon would be greatly appreciated, as the sim is almost unplayable at the moment…

I concur, I use it as a backup and REX is working… (although not as pretty as MSFS weather… but that’s just my opinion!) :relieved:

The problem is that this sim is 100% online… and that we’re gonna face that kind of issues for the rest of the title lifetime…