Curved Monitor With MSFS?

I have a 34" curved monitor (Acer Predator X34P) and I enjoy MSFS very much, to the point that most of the times I play on this rather than on my 65" OLED LG C2 :slight_smile:

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I only bought mine some three weeks ago, never had a head/eye tracker before. I’m rrrreally happy with it. For MSFS I eventually not using the eyetracker but the head tracker only, because looking at an instrument and then looking at your runway during landing was a bit weird.

I also have a curved monitor and am happy with the slight ‘depth effect’ it presents in the sim. Its not in the sense of a LEVEL-D simulator with views all around, but the way curved monitors are intended: to give a more natural transaction with our round eyeballs when looking at a screen, sure is nicer and better than a flat one. It’s offers a slight perspective of depth during approach and landing which is worth it for me.

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There are always negative reviews on line on everything. I flew for years with the Track IR (a good experience and a good product). Recently my Track IR broke beyond repair and Amazon had a sale on the Tobii. Combined with my new 35" curved monitor it provides a great flying experience especially for VFR.


I’m considering pulling the trigger on Tobii’s 20% Black Friday sale.
But I read this:

There are no limitations for head tracking, as it is not dependent on where you are looking on your screen. However, for eye tracking, we need to track where you are looking on your screen and therefore we recommend that the screen size isn’t bigger than 27″ for 16:9

I have a 32" 16:9 monitor. Does this mean I’ll have eye tracking for most of the inner portion of the screen, but will lose it and have only head tracking as I look at things on the perimeter? Not a deal breaker - unless Tobii can’t seamlessly combine eye tracking AND head tracking.

Your thoughts based on your experience?

It was mostly about compatibility with other games. I am a tight sod who likes to get the most from the hardware I buy. It is difficult to justify it for me as I don’t play flight sims as much as I have done in the past, so it was more about how I could use it in other games. The problem is more for the space than the cash I think ATM. I have seen you can get a mount for the top of the screen I will look at it before the sale stops.

Thanks the extra viewpoints are appreciated.

@Grover2005 I got around to recording what you see on a 32:9. That way you can make your own choice. video here. This is scaled down to 3080X1080. 1:40 in is where I show the worst effects.

I think 32:9 monitors work best if you consider the extra width as peripheral vision for the sake of immersion and rely on head tracking to keep what you’re actually looking at near the centre of the screen.

2024 really should include a method of addressing the distortion though.


So much this, I use three 27" curved so I’m well into the stretchy zone and beyond but using TrackIR I dont look at the stretched part, it’s always only in my periphery.

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Three curved monitors…I love it.

Ditto. I have a 1440p curved monitor and a TrackIR and I am happy with it. The VR evangelists may disagree that a setup like mine is a solid option, but to each their own.

I like interacting with physical cockpit hardware like yoke, radio panels, throttle quadrant, switch panels, GPS panels, fuel selector, etc. The combination of my hardware, monitor and TrackIR feels close enough to the real C172 that I fly that I don’t feel I’m lacking in any immersion.


I’m barely comfortable with headphones, the chances of me strapping two tiny TVs to my face is beyond unpossible.


Yes I’m a VR convert. But I got there via firstly a curved monitor, which was nice but didn’t give me what I hoped for. So then I tried a Tracker 5 and TBH it was nearly there but I couldn’t get the settings just right for me and found myself looking sideways all the time, which wasn’t good for my old neck muscles! I did think about the Tobii but thought it too close to the tracker so I dipped into my meagre savings pot and bought a Pico 4 (for my birthday you understand!). A better face-band and a pair of prescription lenses added to the cost but I think it was worth it.
However, as I said in my earlier post, I only tend to use VR with smaller GA aircraft as I can’t get the clarity I need for the big airliner cockpits - but anyway there’s less to see at 30,000ft!

No I’m using a combination with an old PS3 Eye camera, OpenTrack and AI Track. Takes a while to get it calibrated properly, but the combination is very versatile and you can configure the movement like you see fit. The software is freeware.
And while the PS3 camera maybe useless as a webcam, it tracks much better than all HD Webcams I tried. Also it’s very cheap. You can get it used on ebay for around 10-20,-€

I agree. VR is great when all you want to do is look around and feel at one with the scenery. But a peripherals cockpit makes me feel like I’m controlling the aircraft.

Two different experiences - both equally cool.


Thanks, I’m on a PC. I was torn between a 4tb Samsung drive and a Tobii. Scan have dropped the drive to £250. Unlucky Tobii maybe next time.

you might find a Black Friday deal on a reverb G2 for less than $1k … I have a 34 inch curved Samsung 1440p that just sits there behind my VR G2 adorned face now … nothing but a full axis cockpit simulator beats VR …

I’m using this freeware also with great results. My set up though has a generic 1080p 60fps web cam that works very well with OpenTrack/AI Track. I think the 60fps with the 1080p web cam is the important spec for best results.

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I have the ALIENWARE 34 CURVED QD-OLED GAMING MONITOR - AW3423DWF and could not recommend it enough. Every game or sim I play becomes a memorable experience. I also use TrackIR with MSFS rather than the Tobii eye tracker. I feel TrackIR is more responsive and natural. It is faultless hardware/software in many ways. good luck with your final choice :+1:

32/9 for me, and impossible to go back…maybe i need to run…

Which camera do you use?

I have a Samsung 49" curved monitor for my main monitor and a 32" for my apps (like STKP and Navigraph). I don’t think I could ever go back to a flat screen monitor