Custom Airport Displaying Incorrectly for Creator

I’m having a weird issue. I remade KPIA (Peoria Airport) using ADE to create an “editable” default airport project. I loaded it up in Scenery Edit and made all the necessary adjustments and additions. Project exports and loads fine, looks great. HOWEVER after uploading it several users have stated there is no default ATC and the ILS approaches are not working correctly. I do not experience this issue. My ATC works fine as do the ILS approaches in question. Does anyone know what can be causing this difference in experience?

I have rebuilt the project several times, reloaded, restarted, ect ect. I even uninstalled the SDK and reinstalled. I cannot get the Scenery Editor to delete the default ATC frequencies for me, the creator of the airport. But other users do not have ATC. It makes it very difficult to test and fix issues when I can’t experience them myself.

I will be more than happy to upload any portions of the XML files for review.

Further, I have deleted my rolling cache several times to no avail. It is like my sim just has the default scenery merging with mine creating this illusion that everything is good…when it is not!

Might be better to post this on FSDev as that’s where ADE is supported?

ADE support is in forum, there is a forum specifically for ADE in MSFS.

My troubleshooting usually ends up taking place in the airport xml code. Here you have direct control over AirportDelete options to retain or remove stock elements such as freqs, waypoints, ILS etc.

I’m slowly coming around to retaining all freqs, waypoints, procedures and ILS to be compatible with Navigraph addon. The trick here is to go to your C:…\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache file content.xml and move Navigraph to the bottom of the list and this puts it in higher priority than all other addons.

Thanks for the replies. I don’t think ADE is the issue. The XML file shows that “delete all frequencies “ is set to true yet the frequencies still populate. Its only for me though. Other users don’t have the frequencies.

The ADE forum is the place to ask. They’ll be able to help regardless of whether or not it’s an ADE issue, they know there stuff. :+1: