Custom desktop panel makers?

Can folks help me with a recommendation?

I am looking for a company that makes custom desktop panels for general aviation aircraft, given a yoke, TPM, avionics, and a bunch of other smaller switches and gauges. (In other words, I’m not looking to make a fully-enclosed cockpit. Just a panel that can sit on a desk.) In my research, I have found two. One of them hasn’t responded to my emails in two weeks. (The other one, I’m not very interested in their product.)

I don’t want to bad-mouth this company publicly so I don’t want to confirm which one it is. I’m just hoping some folks have some suggestions for some companies who do this kind of thing so I can maybe start shopping around for a different vendor.

Thank you for your help in advance!

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Hi there. I’m also interested in home panels. Without naming which is which, would you be so kind as to list the two companies that you’ve already come across?

I wish I could, but because there are only two that I know of, I don’t want to say them. (If there were ten, then I would feel comfortable.) Maybe someone else can say who they are?

I hope you understand. These are small businesses and I don’t want to hurt some guy’s business because I’m having a bad experience.