Custom ground textures coming and going

I’ve been doing custom ground textures using this vid -

For some reason the textures are appearing and disappearing. Sometimes they appear in the completed build, other times I get a pale outline of the whole apron with the texture.

Is there an obvious setting I’m missing? Ground merging is turned off. Priority is turned up. They always appear in the open project so I presume it’s some sort of build problem.


Hi! What’s your solution? I have the same problem. I can’t see custom textures from the Community folder. I only see them in the editor.

I do not have one. One thing I have noticed is that no one else has ever complained about them missing, but most of them aren’t very talkative so I still don’t know if it’s happening for them.

If you run your finished product on the same machine you built it with there sometimes seem to be anomalies with SDK issues overlapping when not running it. Maybe it’s different for everyone else.

Are you not seeing anything at all ever? Not even that pale space?

I already understood what my problem is. We must not forget to indicate the Assets group