Custom views / Mysterious/annoying "standard" view

So I’m trying to create a set of custom views for an aircraft using the “save custom view” and “load custom view” keyboard shortcuts.
I start with a blank cameras.CFG, so far so good, when I load the plane, none of the “load custom view” keys does anything, there is no view defined. OK.
So I set up a view, hit “save custom view (1)”, set a second one, hit “save custom view (2)”.
When I now hit my “load custom view” keys (in my case shift+1 and shift+2), it will correctly switch between the two. OK.
BUT: if I hit shift+1 and then shift+1 AGAIN, it will switch to another, different view. A view I haven’t set and do not want! Same for shift+2. I hit in once, it will switch to my custom view. I hit it again and it will go to this mysterious “standard” view.
In the CFG there are only 2 views set, just as I want.
So where is this third, annoying, different viewpoint coming from? How and where is it defined. How can I get rid of it? I just want nothing to happen when I hit shift+1 and I’m already in view #1. … you know, like in chaseplane!!!
Can anyone help me out?

Before SU5 I could use right ALT + keypad number to set fixed views but they no longer stay locked and if I adjust one view it changes all the others I have set. Please ASOBO fix this. Before SU5 we had the ability to set up and lock views either using my method or the OP method. Not all of us use VR. We don’t want to be trying to get a particular instrument back in view while flying a complicated maneuver. Come on folks, even FSX and P3D have the option to set fix views for each airplane. Please return that functionality . Did you have to break this just to make X-Box work? If there is some setting that will enable this again, please advise me.

Maybe I am misunderstanding what you wrote but:

Unless you incorrectly described what you are doing OR you have defined a new key combination, you are not saving a custom view using the key combination you described. The default key combination to SAVE a custom cockpit view is actually Ctrl + Alt + 0 to 9, not Alt + 0 - 9. You can only use Alt + 0 - 9 to view an already defined view.

Just to be sure we are on the same page: you are referring to saving and viewing Cockpit Camera Views?

If so: the behaviour as you described has always been that way and, rightly or wrongly, is the way the devs decided to write the program and not a bug per se. I have always assumed that, if you press the key combination for a view you are already in, it confuses the program and it shows something else. Quite frankly I have never bothered to try and determine what that view is as pressing a combination to go to the view you are already in does not make much sense. So I have always just considered it operator error on my part as I obviously pressed the wrong key and change the view to what I actually want.

Should it rather stay in the defined view if you try to recall it twice? Probably. I personally considered it too trivial to bother about. I believe that, if it bothers you enough, the appropriate course of action would be to create a wishlist item and collect votes. Never having done that before I unfortunately do not know how to go about doing that.

EDIT Seems there already is a wishlist item re custom camera behaviour

Correct. BUT: Let’s say my basic front pilot view is “shift-1”. If you are in that view and change it with the mouse free-look (because you want to take a quick look at something), it will consider this still as “in that view”. So trying to get back to the basic view by pressing “shift-1” will be taken as pressing “shift-1” AGAIN by MSFS, changing it NOT back to the basic view but this strange “default” view. That’s what’s really annoying to me.

I have ALT + keypad number set up in my keyboard controls as the method to “set” cockpit views and simply “press” keypad number to activate each view. Likewise I ask you the question: did you set your described method up in keyboard controls or did it exist as a default keyboard setup without your intervention?

As I described in my OP, I got rid of every preset before I defined my own using the keyboad. I also changed the key commands for SAVING and LOADING camera presets to my liking.
So to save, I hit ALT-CRTL-# and to load I hit SHIFT+# (#=numbers 1-9).

This is similar to what I am experiencing. But it is actually worse. In my case, for example, I have preset 0-9 views and supposedly (according to my keyboard control setup) locked them in. If I now move my mouse in “free-look” move, all my previous view settings will be altered. They are no longer “fixed”. Before SU5, I could recall precise views as I had preset them regardless of any mouse movement. Even FSX and P3D had this feature. This is necessary for those of us who do not use VR. We need a return of this functionality.

I agree (coming from 25+ years of simming, currently mostly flying the FSLabs on P3D), we need some “advanced mode” where experienced simmers can modify stuff like this. Right now, the whole camera/UI approach in MSFS seems to be focused on “gamers” and people who just want to fly around with their controller from time to time, looking at POIs. The current view system is my no.1 thing that’s keeping me from switching to MSFS. I really hope for Chaseplane to make the transition. At the latest when Fenix release their product we will need a proper view system…
(Also: please MS, remove that tilt-thing when moving the external camera. It’s driving me nuts!)

So I tested so more things and found out that the custom views are classified as “Instrument” views, where hitting the load key will get you into that view, hitting it again will take you out of it. Out where? Well, to the standard “Pilot” view.
So I can change the category of my custom view within the CFG to “Pilot”, which will indeed will make that view the default pilot view, but I won’t be able to load this with the key-combination then.
But apparently it comes down to managing those views properly (which right now still seems like a big confusing mess to me) with “Category=”, “SubCategory=” and “SubcategoryItem=”.

And now it created some Tower-Views automatically that are inside the cockpit.
Also, I found 3 separate CAMERA.CFGs for the same aircraft at different locations, each holding completely different entries.

I give up, thanks. Let those XBox games have fun with doing loopings over the Eiffel Tower in a 747.

If you go to keyboard profile settings, press in the search bar to the left site at input signal
Shift+1 and find out if there is more than 1 double check the commentline in front and delete the one you don’t want

Ahh yes, that is indeed so. I suppose the best option for now is to support and vote on the current Wishlist thread to try and elevate the possibility that this behaviour will be revised.

The Ctrl + Alt + 0 - 9 and Alt 0 - 9 are default keystrokes for saving and viewing respectively. I did not have to define them. Might it be the fact that these key bindings still exist plus you have Alt + num set up as saving is confusing the programme?

Certainly worth a try. One question though. Are you able to make an adjustment to an individual view without having it affect your other set views? That is my issue.

Yep absolutely no problem to modify individual views

Thank you. I have a modified keyboard control setup and before SU5 I had set up the keypad keys for my instrument views. After your post I went in and found another duplicate setup using your key system. That was the problem. They were conflicting. I deleted the Alt+num keys and replaced them with my NUM keys and deleted my previous conflicting instrument view entries. Now I can again use my keypad to select views by just pressing the appropriate NUM key. They maintain their individual settings. I’m back in business. Thanks again.

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Cool! Very glad that worked.