Custom Weather "scatter"

So it may be unusual but for weather I usually load clear skies, then use the weather info dled from littlenavmap, and then set the weather accordingly.

I can get accurate winds temps etc

For clouds say scattered at 3000ft, I would use coverage 20-40 percent, with the base of the clouds at 3000ft. I would make them as high as I feel, usually a few thousand feet. Broken would be 50-80 percent etc

One option that makes no sense to me is the “scatter” slider. It seems to produxe very similar effects close to 0 and 100 but at around 50, lowers the coverage. Does anyone know precisely what this is meant to do, and what it actually does?


+1 on this question.
The only real world similarity to “scatter” (excluding description of coverage in Octas) I can think of would be ISOL for isolated and this relates to the distance between Individual build ups. With this in mind when I enter the sim and play with the scatter slider I can somewhat see that the clouds seperate from one and other more when increasing the slider but the link isnt a clear as I would like to see. A proper definion of the slider would be handy. Or perhaps just using actual aviation metrological terminology. RVR, Octas etc.

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I think the oktas is simulated quite well with the coverage slider but instead of 1/8ths we have percentages.

My experience of playing with the scatter slider, is that at 0% they are fairly clumped together, at 50 they are extremely spear out (even when coverage is set to broken (60-90). At 100 it just seems clumped together again but in a different way.

I think wind levels are interesting as well. The apply upwards consistently until a new wind level at anlther height is inserted.

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